Angrymals NFT Game: Challenge Your Friends, Smash and Earn!

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Angrymals nft game

In 2022, it’s hard not to notice the exponential growth of the cryptocurrency, NFT and Metaverse world. From various cryptos such as Bitcoin and Ethereum recently rocketing into the mainstream public domain, to some NFT art projects “minting” (publically listing and selling) for millions of dollars, it’s clear that this expansion isn’t slowing down any time soon.

Now, following on from standalone art projects, creators are innovating new ways to incorporate NFTs into different forms of entertainment; such as online NFT games. Gaming studios both old and new are either implementing NFT integration into their previous games or creating entirely new NFT games altogether.

One such game that is seeing NFT integration very soon is “Angrymals”. Read on to learn how the game will operate with an entirely new NFT and Play-to-Earn ecosystem. 

Angrymals nft game

How does the game generally work?

Angrymals is comparable to the well-known, turn-based mobile phenomenon, “Angry Birds”. The game is generally very straightforward and easy to understand. Two players go head-to-head to bring down each other’s fortress using three customised Angrymals. A player wins by reducing all of their opponent’s Angrymals to zero hitpoints. 

Before attacking, both players are given the opportunity to strategise and construct a customised fortress to protect themselves against their opponent’s attacks. Players are also able to assign a wacky weapon to each of their Angrymals, such as exploding rubber chickens and sperm whales!

Angrymals nft game

How will NFTs, tokens and a Play-to-Earn (“P2E”) ecosystem be incorporated?

The developers of Angrymals announced the integration of their own NFTs, tokens and P2E ecosystem into the previous version of the game on the 20th of April, which will allow users to simultaneously play and earn. 

The Angrymals studio announced a large banner NFT collection drop that will include a total of 8,888 NFTs on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, at a mint price of 1 SOL each. These NFTs are set to be an integral part of the game, as only holders will be able to gain access to the game’s P2E mechanics. Subsequently, these NFT holders will be able to exchange their in-game rewards for tokens (explained below).

Angrymals’ next steps?

Angrymals nft game

Following the NFT minting and P2E system integration on the 20th, the Angrymals team is set to hold a major IDO (Initial DEX Offering) at the beginning of May. The IDO will launch the NFT game’s own main currency, the “Chaos Orbs token”, which will act as the main gateway to accessing the game’s P2E capabilities. 

Players will be able to earn these tokens primarily through betting a particular amount in PvP games where the winner takes all. However, Chaos Orbs will also be able to be earnt by consecutively logging into the game each day, winning matches and tournaments, participating in promotional events and more. Alternatively, they’ll also be able to be bought outright in the Chaos Orb market.

With these tokens, users will have the ability to buy further NFTs and exclusive Chaos Chests, merge NFTs, stake their coins and more.

The Angrymals team stated that, after the IDO, they will be constantly “introducing new content and updates including new NFTs, races, weapons, blocks and ways to earn” in the following months to come. Perhaps even more excitingly, they have announced the implementation of official tournaments, where players will be able to pay entry fees to win major rewards (most likely exclusive Chaos Chest and more). 

The final verdict?

In summary, the already fun Angrymals is clearly set for exciting times ahead. They’re just one such NFT game that is leading the way with P2E integration and token earning potential that is only bound to make the game better and overall more enjoyable to play!