Can You Wear Shorts In Thailand?

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Thailand is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Also known as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand is one of the most beautiful attractions in Southeast Asia.

Thanks to a rapidly growing tourism industry, Thailand is well-developed and provides all kinds of modern comforts yet it’s also still wild enough to offer off-the-beaten-path adventure the adventurous tourists and once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences.

Whether you are in Thailand for the world-class beaches in the south or the mountain villages in the north, you will not be disappointed.

WIth such a great country, Thailand is still a very patriotic country, which means, there are definitely some strict rules that all the tourists must follow.

When it comes to clothing, Thailand is as open as America and yes, you can absolutely wear shorts in Thailand. All the women love wearing shorts in Thailand as its a very hot country. The temperatures in Thailand range between 22°C – 31°C all year round.

However, there are definitely some areas, where Women are preferred to wear more clothing, particularly in areas near the Temple or religious regions.

Wearing Shorts in Thailand

The people of Thailand are naturally a conservative set of people. They shun public displays of affection and consider it indecent to show skin. Thailand’s culture of dressing may be referred to as strict and rigid.

However, Thailand could be highly humid and hot causing people to sweat profusely and develop rashes. In the Western part of the world, hot and humid weather requires shorts and sleeveless wear. In Thailand, it makes no difference.

The women wear long skirts and gowns that are almost ankle length and the males wear long-sleeved shirts with long pants. It is an unwritten rule in Thailand; “try not to show skin except when it is absolutely necessary”

Tourists are also expected to follow these unspoken rules. However, tourists can wear shorts. But the shorts should be of longer lengths. This way, you still manage to be just a little bit more convenient and to not offend the sensibilities of the Thai natives.

Sleeveless clothes should be avoided totally in mainland areas and you should never try to wear shorts in one of their temples. There are strict rules against that. Avoid polyester materials for your own comfort. In Thailand, it is illegal to leave your house without wearing underwear.

What to wear in Thailand?

When visiting Thailand, it is important to specifically make plans for what to pack. The best clothes to wear in Thailand for women are long skirts and dresses, cropped or long pants with button-down shirts or short sleeve tees.

For men, long pants with short sleeve tees, polo shirts, and long-sleeved button-downs. Clothing materials like cotton, linen, and silk are more comfortable and better suited for a trip to Thailand.

It is quite imperative to pack sunglasses with you because of the intensity of the sun. Hats and sunscreen may also be among the most essential articles needed with you.

The dress code for visiting the temples is simple. Make sure your knees and shoulders are covered.

Though the majority of the temples no longer seem to enforce this rule, it is still very wise to come prepared. However, if you plan on visiting the enlightened Buddha statue, there is a guard there to make sure visitors are properly dressed.

In the temples, people are required to take off their shoes. It is important that you come with shoes that you can easily pull off.

It is also quite important to ditch the heels. Heels are not exactly in vogue in Thailand except you are going to a club. Also, leggings are considered to be underwear in Thailand. Hence, wearing leggings in public may be considered indecent.

Thailand may have its many rules about dressing, however, there is one thing we can’t deny; visiting those tourist attractions in Thailand may be well worth all the constraints we might face especially with wearing clothes that are not necessarily familiar.

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