Cool Cats NFT Project CEO Resigns, New CEO Applications are Open

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Cool Cats CEO Resigns

The Cool Cats NFT Project team made the announcement yesterday that Chris Hassett had resigned as CEO. The crew has teamed up with a prominent recruitment company to identify the project’s next leader.

To anybody who has recently been laid off, this is your opportunity to shine in the world of NFTs. However, keep in mind that the field is competitive.

Cool cats features 9,999 distinct NFTs generated on the Ethereum network. These picture-for-proof felines have a distinctive body, hat, face, and costume. They are made up of approximately 300,000 different clothing combinations, faces, and colors.

The CEO of Cool Cats has resigned, and the project’s co-founders will take charge until they locate the ideal candidate for the position. One of Twitter users, @SearchDecoder, feels this is good news. The Cool Cats NFT initiative necessitated a change in leadership. He also asked why no founders accepted the post of CEO.

Many members of the Cool Cats community, however, have put themselves forward for the position of CEO. Needless to say, a large number of them on Twitter chose one individual in particular for his or her vote: @sighduck.

Sighduck, on the other hand, has a lengthy thread on Twitter, explaining the reasons for his appointment as the next CEO of the Cool Cats NFT project. Listen up. He is a competent business executive who is also a leader and an empathetic person.

With that in mind, we wish the best of luck to those who apply for the position. The Cool Cats community appears to be genuinely happy for the departure of their previous CEO. This is most likely due to the fact that the news was delivered at a time when NFT project is seeking new leadership.