Cool Cats NFT | 9999 Cute Cats Meowing in the Ethereum Blockchain

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Cool Cats NFTs are the 9,999 NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. Each NFT is built and fabricated by the combination of different features. All the NFTs are “cool” as it has stated itself and has caught the scrutiny of people vastly. Utilities and exclusive experiences also accompany its coolness. The project ensures that they are here for long term. It has a floor price of 11 ETH and has over 5.1k owners.

What are Cool Cats?

Cool Cats transpires in the Ethereum blockchain as a collection of NFTs. These NFTs are programmatically and randomly generated. The first generation of this collection consists of 10000 cats that are randomly taken together weaved with various options that range over 300k. The Cool Cats have a wide range of outfits, faces, colors, has stuck to its “cool” theme. Although the coolest are the ones with completed outfits. Each Cool Cats has its own unique body, face, hat, and outfit – the possibilities are endless.

NFT Details & Features

Cool Cats are generated with a lot of features and properties. There is a wide range of properties and separates some towards cooler than the others.

  • Body is of only one type and that is Blue Cat Skin.
  • Face comes in over 55 different types like Upsidedown, Skeleton, Special Zombie, Ditto, etc.
  • The Cool Cats also features 93 different Hats like Alien, Upsidedown, Costume Dragon, etc.
  • Shirts are also of various types like Robot, Upsidedown, Lucky, Costume Hotdog, etc.
  • It also has different Tiers like Wild 2, Exotic 1, Classy 1, etc.


Q4 2021

  • New Website and Banner Builder
  • The new website of Cool Cats is set to launch that comes with more functions. The Banner Builder will also be launched.
  • Launch of Creatures
  • The creature’s eggs and evolutions will be set in motion.

Adventurers Guild

  • The launch of creatures is followed by the launch of stage 2 of gamification.

Paper Cats

  • NFTs along with tutorials will be released. The tutorials aim at the new user and developer on-boarding.

Winter Wonder

  • After tutorials, the winter wonder festivities will be initiated. Stay tuned to be up-to-date with further info.

Cool Charity Event

  • A large charity donation event will be held.

Q1 2022

Artist Spotlight V2

  • The second Artist Spotlight airdrop will come about. It is upon the team to decide on the artist or collaboration.

Additional Gamified Utility for Creatures

  • The Cool Cats holders and the creatures will be inherited with additional more utilities. So the holders will have added utility along with the ones that are already provided.

A Place to Call Home

  • As soon as the team gets additional data from the creatures, there will be added more utilities for the creatures. These creatures are set to be packed with a wide range of utilities.

DAO of Cool

  • The holders of Cool Cats will also have a chance to become a part of the team by voting. The holders will have the privilege of voting on the upcoming events.

The Fractures Begin!

  • The Fractures will begin momentum hereafter. The fractures are a story-based system/utility that will be launched in Q2 of 2022.

Q2 2022

Launch of Myno Mayhem

  • This one is a top-secret project and further information about it will be revealed in the upcoming days.

Artist Spotlight V3

  • Then the third Artist Spotlight airdrop will take place and similarly to the second one, the artists or collaborations will be chosen by the team.

Banner Builder

  • The Banner Builder is a very cool and creative section out of the project. You can create a banner out of the various options and make it as you desire it. There are various options of backgrounds, images, and controls. You can also add your Cat to it.

The Team

The Cool Cats NFT project came forth with the collaborative methods of four enthusiasts. They are all listed as founders and there are more 10 members on their team.

  • Clon is one of the founders and is the creator and the artist. 
  • Xtremetom is also a founder and developer.
  • Lynqoid is the founder and developer. He is also the founder of faticorns, a unicorn NFT collection.
  • Elu is also one of the founders and functions as the head of design of the team.
  • Kevin F is the Senior Events Manager and curator of Cool Cats. He also offers consultations on NFT.
  • Frex handles Social Media.
  • Becks is the Senior NFT analyst of Cool Cats.
  • Grampa_Bacon is also a developer of the team.
  • Midnight Etude functions as the Illustrator and also has hands on Dominus NFT and NonFungibleNeko.
  • pMauz is the Narrative Designer and Modcat, and also works for Faticorns.
  • Amorista is the Contacts Relationship Manager and handles the communication with collaborators and partnerships.
  • RePete is in charge of Business Development.
  • Mowley operates as the Motion Graphic Artist.
  • Emma is the Digital Illustrator.

The Cool Cats NFT is the project that picked up the pace very fast when it comes to popularity. They are one of the most popular NFT collections and there are more and more people getting into it. The NFT collection has got a very good and dedicated community and people who are waiting for the future development of the project. It also has a broad team and with such a team the project has a lot more to offer to its holders.