Crypto.Chicks NFT Collection | Women-Led NFT Project Committed to the Education of Women

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Crypto Chicks NFT Collection

Women are continually rising in the NFT space and the elevation doesn’t plan on stopping. Women have already gained the attention in the NFT space working their ways upward with all the more bringing in more morality and virtue in the space. There are a whole lot of NFT projects that are fabricated by the hands of influential and inspiring women. Through them, they are giving other women a platform providing incentive and empowerment.

All these influential NFT projects perfectly portray the aims and objectives of what women should be garnering within themselves to keep up with the development and innovation that the world is getting on with.

Crypto.Chicks are one such NFT project which doesn’t seem to lack any of the motives. This PFP NFT project proudly celebrates the diversity and beauty of all the women in the world. Within this article, you will find everything that there is to know about Crypto.Chicks NFT Project.  

What is the Crypto.Chicks NFT project?  

The Crypto.Chicks NFT project is the follow-up of Crypto.Chick 1/1. The 1/1 was the first female avatar collection launched by the team on OpenSea in May 2021. The impulses that the Crypto.Chicks are engrossed for are to bring attention to the significance that women hold in the crypto space. The project reflects the individuality and uniqueness of every woman. 

The Crypto.Chicks NFT collection comprises 10,000 NFTs. These NFTs are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Every NFT holds an attractive and charming girl and everyone boasts their rarity. As some have a combination of extremely rare traits and properties, some are even adorned by the rarest traits.  

This collection was launched on 23rd September 2021 and the minting price was set at 0.055 Ethereum along with the gas fees. From a single transaction, five NFTs could be minted and everyone has the luxury of making unlimited transactions.  


1. Project Launch  

The launch of the project was initiated in two stages.  

  • Presale – The whitelist got the comfort of early access for the first 100 OG Chicks holders.  
  • The second stage saw the proper launch of the project for everyone.  

2. Special ETH airdrop for the first 100 OG Chick holders  

The first 100 OG Chick holders or the Whitelist got the comfort of a Special ETH airdrop. 

3. Mega Giveaway  

The project held a giveaway of 10 Crypto.Chicks.  

4. Support Artists 

They are also lovers of art and held an art contest. The art contest had a prize fund of $5000 and they are supporting artists through this.  

5. Exclusive Crypto.Chicks Merch 

Exclusive merchandise of the brand Crypto.Chicks was launched. The team will donate a portion of the profit that comes from the sales of these merchandise towards charity.  

6. Community Voting System  

The project also has included an off-chain voting system. The voting accounts for the number of Chicks that are held by a connected wallet.  

7. Women NFT Artist Spotlight Series 

The team has also set up a blog where they will post monthly. The posts will feature women NFT artists internationally. An interview of the artist will be done and the blog will feature their stories and their work. The Crypto.Chicks community members will have several benefits as well such as giveaways, Whitelist access, and many more.  

8. Charity Donation  

The project will donate 5 Ethereum to an organization that embodies empowerment for women and women’s rights. The community will nominate the organizations and the community themselves will choose the organizations towards which the donation will go to.  

9. Community Event Series 

The project will also hold events for the community. The events will be educational or full of enjoyment. The community members can also win prizes and have access to giveaways.  

10. Personalized Merch  

The team will also upgrade the merchandise store. Through this, the holders and the collectors can get the exclusive merchandise with their own Chick personalized on it.  

11. NFTs 101 Series  

This is an innovative and empowering step listed on their Roadmap. The project will hold an educational training series for the aspirants of NFTs. There they will be guided and given ideas upon how to get started with cryptocurrency and NFTs and build up a plan after entering it.  

12. Staking  

There is not much information regarding staking, the team has promised to release more details soon. The community will also have a hand in regulating staking through the voting system.  

13. Digital Wearables  

The Chicks will also enter the vast and influential world of the metaverse. The project will launch digital wearables for the Chicks as well.  

Strategic Objectives  

1. Corporate Partnerships  

The project is looking for a coalition of NFTs and major companies in the world. The team is planning on collaborating with several prime companies of fashion, cosmetic, toys, and retail brands. The process of this collaboration is underway and major conversations are being held. The community, holders, and enthusiasts will hear as soon as any kind of development occurs.  

2. Partnerships with other Women-Oriented Projects  

The project is here to end the skepticism of women having limitations on the Crypto and NFT space. The projects that are created and produced by women are have limited seats is the major portion of discouragement and they want to end this and empower more women.  

3. Offline Events and Meetups  

The project will also hold meetings and events for the interaction of the community. With this, the community will have a chance of interacting and meeting with their friends that are bound together by the Crypto.Chicks NFTs and the project believe that this will create a strong bond within the community.  

Traits and Rarity  

The Crypto.Chicks are created with the combination of several traits and properties. Some of these traits and properties are extremely rare and therefore increase the value of the Chicks that have these. There are 11 of the rarest unique Crypto.Chicks.  

The different kinds of traits that make these Crypto.Chicks gorgeous are as follows:  

  • The Crypto.Chicks have different sets of immaculate backgrounds and the rarest one among them includes Space, Night Ocean, Police Blinker, Rainbow, etc.  
  • They have clothes that are equally as magnificent as themselves and some of the rarest are Skafander, Rabbit Suit, Police Uniform, White Jacket, and many more.  
  • Earring is also a fascinating trait that they have and Ear Trainer, Leopard, Pearl, Silver Mix are some of the rarest.  
  • Eye colors are also traits that accompany them and Fire and Neon are the rarest of the rarest among them.  
  • The Crypto.Chicks have three kinds of eyes, they are Cheeky, Rolled, and Neutral.  
  • Some of them also wear glasses and Black Visor and Pirate Patch is the rarest among all the glasses trait.  
  • There are also different styles of head that the Crypto.Chicks are adorned with and the rarest ones among them are Rabbit, Police Cap, Visor Mask, Devil’s Horns, Firewoman’s Helmet, and many more.  
  • They also have various lips colors such as Nude, Blue, Black, Red, etc and Blood-Red is the rarest one.  
  • Makeup also makes up the Crypto.Chicks like Pink Dawn, Butterfly, Chamomile, Rainbow, and many more. Children’s Drawing makeup traits is the rarest one.  
  • The mouth styles that make up the Crypto.Chicks are of 12 types and the rarest ones are Cyborg, Smoke, and Bubblegum.  
  • Some of them also have a necklace from which Skull and CC Necklace are the rarest ones. 
  • There are 3 kinds of piercing that Crypto.Chicks have and they are Nose Ring, Piercing Set, and Lip Ring.  
  • The skin trait has different skins colors that make up Crypto.Chicks are Cool Bronze, Warm Pink, Pale Pink, and many more. The rarest one among them is Red.  
  • There is only one skin feature and that is Freckles and 977 of the Crypto.Chicks have this trait.  
  • There are 7 different kinds of tattoos that the majority of them have such as Ethereum, Rose, Wildflower, and many more. Golden Calligraphy is the rarest of them all.  

The team behind the Crypto.Chicks NFT project  

The team has 14 members in total and all of them are represented by a Crypto.Chick in the website.  

  • Polly, the artist of the project. She has had a knack for art since her childhood and this entirely makes up her passion. Prior to being an NFT artist, she was a tattoo sketcher. She and her art exist to empower women and set an example for the younger generation.  
  • AKA is the executive director of the project is from Russia and has an IT background. She was a researcher for a Crypto Company for many years and she believes in a decentralized future. She too sims on the inclusivity of more women in the Crypto and NFT space.  
  • Emm, the Chief Marketing officer of the project. She is based in California is a co-founder and CEO of a software startup. She also holds the same passion and aim as AKA.  
  • Nick has the distinction of Chief Technical Officer of the project. She is from Russia and got herself into crypto in 2017. She also worked as a senior web developer on a large crypto company and has gained enough experience in developing a crypto exchange and NFT marketplace.  
  • Sara hails as the Partnerships Director and she is from Italy. She previously worked in NY in collaboration with MoMA, Christie’s, and Andy Warhol Foundation. She is currently a Design Executive for a global tech firm and a creative advisor for VCs.  
  • Nathan is the Tokenomics Lead of the project and got involved in Bitcoins since 2020 which was followed by NFTs. She is from California and is the Director of Hardware Engineering for a radio company.  
  • Alissa is the Head of Community and is from Southern California. She previously ran an Upholstery Business in Texas along with her husband. She is extremely proud of herself for being a woman in the crypto and NFT space. She travels around the country along with her family. 
  • Aubrey fills the role of Community and Events Manager. Along with that, she is a Paralegal, Realtor, and Notary Signing Agent. She is also encouraging more women to get into the NFT space.  
  • Deerowz is the Social Media Manager and lives in Arizona. She has a passion for design and art and her hobby is photography.  
  • Plunk is the Tech Team and Moderator of the team. She is currently studying defi and web3 and outside of discord loves going for escapades.  
  • PHunKyPHiShMaN fills the role of being a Head Moderator of the project. She hails from Taiwan and is currently living in Long Island. She has been involved in the Digital Marketing space for the last decade. She is head over heels for NFTs and is proudly excited for the changes that it will bring.  
  • Snowf4ll is the Moderator and lives in California. She moved to California at her mother’s request after she was assaulted by some bad guys by her uncle. Her uncle introduced her to the crypto world and eventually came across her first NFT project Crypto.Chicks.  
  • MCScorpions is also the Moderator and is based in Australia. She is working in Investment Banking and is also a co-founder of a Sports Media Company. She stared in NFT through Topshot and got addicted to crypto and NFTs.  
  • MsDinklepuff is also the Moderator of the project. She loves dogs, foods, and kind people. Besides being a moderator she is also a Marketing manager and administrator of an arcade producer in Sweden. She loves NFTs and supports every NFT project.  

Crypto.Chicks NFT project is a one-of-a-kind project which gave inspiration to several other NFT projects developed by women. The project supports not just NFTs but art as well. Their Roadmap gives a clear-cut definition of how the project will proceed and develop and everything has been made with professional planning. They have surely created a spotlight for women in the NFT space and are ever-increasing their reaches towards metaverse and the physical world as well.