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Everything You Need To Know About Doodles NFT Project

Doodles NFT

The fine labyrinth of the NFT space holds all different kinds of illustrations following different themes. You might think that there are NFTs that hold only artworks that appeal to the people who have a liking towards badass and cool artworks.

Sometimes NFT projects are not just about badass or cool artworks. The NFT space holds tons of projects that offer artworks that are just peaceful and carefree to look at. These projects have too found a major spotlight and have soared high in terms of value.

The Doodles NFT is one such project with simple and adorable characters with bright and fluorescent colors. It took a short span of time for this project to get a whole lot of attention and increase its value immensely.  

What is Doodles NFT Collection? 

Doodles is an NFT collection comprising of 10,000 NFTs that are enriched by an array of simple yet fascinating visual traits and properties. These traits are the result of the creativity of Burnt Toast. There are also hand-drawn Doodles that come in a variety of characters such as cats, skellys, aliens, apes, and mascots. The traits and properties also go beyond rare heads, costumes, and many more.  

This project was revealed to its enthusiasts on 17th October 2021 with the minting price of 0.123 Ethereum. The project has finely stated on being a community-driven project giving the community a lot of involvement in the plans of the project. The project also held live events by working together with The Heart Project. The event was named Heart Basel Miami and this event revealed the potential of Doodles’ live events. The event featured merchandise, live music events, and many more.  

Space Doodles 

This is a brand-new experience that will befall the collectors of the Doodles in the February of 2022. This is the first and foremost event with which the collectors will dwell into the cosmos simultaneously disseminating happiness and creativity.

The project through Space Doodles is lifting the veneer of the universe of Doodles for the collectors with spacecraft that are designed by Burnt Toast. The Spacecrafts can be accessed by all the holders of the Doodles and go on an adventure uncovering the answers to a myriad of questions. Upon claiming a Spacecraft, the Doodle will transfer to a Space Doodle and can revert back to being a Doodle at the owner’s will.   

What do Doodles offer their owners?  

Every NFT project offers a myriad of benefits or perks upon holding or owning an NFT, and Doodles also don’t seem to hold back when it comes to perks upon owning and holding. With a Doodle on your hands, not only you will have the adorable and unique artwork but you will also get a chance to vote on various community-driven products, events, and features.

The website of the project states the term “collaborative roadmap”. This gives a different dimension to a project being community-driven as the project will take into consideration the community’s proposals and critiques every step of the way. This will be done with the Doodlebank which hails as the community treasury of the project that will be primarily used as funds for further experiences of the project. The treasury has over $5 million USD.  

The owners of the Doodles NFT will also get to experience the Space Doodles and all the expected new experiences. The project has promised to expand its reaches to the highest count and along with that the collectors or owners will gain access to all the exclusive merchandise, events that come with every development.  

Doodles NFT Traits and Rarity 

The Doodles come as artwork through the combination of 265 traits. Giving every Doodle their own set of rarities and some possess an upper hand in terms of rarity.  

There are Special Doodles, you might as well think of them as the rarest among the rare.  

  • There are Doodles with special faces such as Ducks, Dinos, Sharks, and Puffer-up Doodles.  
  • Some Doodles possess special heads such as Rainbows, Coffees, Lits, Devils, etc.  
  • There are also custom hand-drawn Doodles. There only exists 62 of them. They are 5 Doodle Mascots, 12 Cats, 20 Apes, 15 Skellys, and 10 Aliens. On top of that, they are adorned with rare traits.  
  • Body are of numerous styles and the rarest among them are Gold Alien, Bubblegum Sweater, Devil Cat, etc.  
  • They also have different types of backgrounds such as Bubblegum, Deep Space, Gold, Dark Purple, and many more.  
  • Face also comes in a variety of styles such as Catnip, Skelly, Holographic, and many more.  
  • Hair is also of different types such as Green Cat, Pink Ape, Sailor, etc.  
  • Head is also of various kinds and some of the rarest ones are Stellar, Blue Ape, Calico cat, and many more.  
  • Piercing comes in three types, namely Pearl, Airpod, and Hoop.  

Community Treasury  

The Community Treasury of Doodle works its way through to its future with its community. The community will be able to vote and one Doodle is equal to one vote. The community has been able to vote on various events and escapes that the project is building up for its collectors. The collectors can vote on live events, digital experiences, 3D Doodles projects, and many more things with which the project is expected to reach new heights.  

The Community Treasury was funded with the amount of 420 Ethereum at first from the complete sale of the primary and whitelist sale. From the 5% royalty that comes from the OpenSea secondary sales, 50% will go to the Doodles Community Treasury. All the owners of Doodles are free to give their opinions on all the matters and leaps that the project will take in the future.  

The team behind Doodles NFT project  

The team is composed of three extremely talented and proficient members.  

  • Evan Keast is the founder of the Doodles and also worked previously on CryptoKitties, Dapper Labs, Kabam, and Mirrorverse.  
  • Scoot Martin or the talented Burnt Toast is the hands behind the art of the Doodles project and also a founder. He is a Canada-based illustrator, designer, animator, and muralist. He has previously worked with WhatsApp, Snapchat, Google, etc.  
  • Jordan Castro is also a founder and a blockchain builder veteran. He has been in the blockchain space for 13 years. he was previously the product lead of Cryptokitties. 

Doodles NFT project is moving towards a prosperous and bright future. Not even a year has passed since the project was released the amount of momentum and popularity that they gained is massive. In OpenSea currently, the floor price of Doodles has reached 14 Ethereum with over 79K Ethereum volume traded. This is a huge accomplishment. The fact that they are letting the community grow their project along with them assures the long term of the project. This project will eventually set a landmark in the NFT space.    

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