Gutter Juice NFT Project | 28,000 Gutter Juice Vials

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The rise of NFT projects is seeing the addition of creative and innovative features. The perks and utilities are not the only aspects by which the community of an NFT project becomes large and supportive. The projects are utilizing their full potential to make ways to pull people in and make their respective projects riveting and thrilling. The Gutter Juice NFT project is one such project adding further things increasing the scope of their project’s inclusion.

What is the Gutter Juice NFT project?

The Gutter Juice NFT project comes along as a collection of 28,000 Gutter Juice vials possessing the DNA from the four Gutter Species, i.e, Gutter Cats, Rats, Pigeons, and Dogs (7,000 of each). The holders of the Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, and Dog in the Gutter City were airdropped 12,000 Gutter Juice NFTs. The rest of the 16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs had a public sale through a dutch auction. The public started on the 8th of March at 4:20 PM EST, and the opening auction has the price of 0.9 ETH each. With the dutch auction, the project aimed to prevent the “gas wars.”

In the future, these Gutter Juice NFTs can be burned to redeem a Gutter Clone NFT, and no restrictions are there for burning the Gutter Juice NFTs.

Gutter Juice NFTs Lore

The Gutter City is being swamped by threats from near and afar.

There is no telling of what will happen to the Gang. Everyone in the Gutter has concluded that their population must be increased if they wish for their dominance to continue in the autonomous zone and metaverse. As the population is just 12,000 the leaders of Gang trusted their best scientists with the task of increasing the population.

Setting forth their task, the scientists collected DNA samples from each of the inhabitants of the Gutter City to create the Gutter Juice vials. These vials will be used in the Clone Machine to create “Gutter Clones” which are the android versions of the inhabitants. The Clone Machine is in the process of being excellent and efficient. This machine will be ready for release in the following weeks.

Burning Gutter Juice NFT in the Clone Machine upon a Gutter City inhabitant will create a Gutter Clone. The Gutter Juice NFTs can be burned without the inhabitant as well. This will create a Gutter Clone with a random combination of traits. A total of 12,000 Gutter Juice vials will be airdropped to each of the inhabitants of the Gutter City.

Simultaneously, some rogue scientists created extra Gutter Juice without the knowledge of the leader. They plan to sell them in the back-alleys of the Gutter City. 16K Gutter Juice vials will be available on a dutch auction on 8th March with the opening price of 0.9 ETH each. The rogue scientists found a dutch auction the best way as with it a proper market price can be found and flippers, bots, and gas wars are out of the question.

Cloning Process

The cloning process takes place through the Cloning Machine. This machine is currently under the procedure of being made perfect. When a Gutter Juice vial is used on the Clone Machine it will be burned. The Gutter Juice NFT when used on a Gutter Cat, Rat, Pigeon, or Dog NFT through the Clone Machine result will the creation of a Gutter Clone. The Gutter Clone will be produced with a newer set of traits having a resemblance with the original Gutter Species. The original Gutter Species will be returned to you as well. Although, you can’t use a Gutter Juice on an original Gutter Species more than once.

If you don’t have a Gutter Species, you can also use the Gutter Juice without the Gutter Species in the Clone Species. The result will be a Gutter Clone with randomized traits.

Gutter Clones

The Gutter Clone is an NFT collection comprising 28,000 DNA-1 android clones. These clones come along as the result of the Gutter Juice vials being burned in the Clone Machine, with or without the Gutter Species.

With the Gutter Clones, the project is giving a reward to the holders of the Gutter Species. As these clones can be created without the Gutter Species as well, the project is providing an opportunity for interested ones to become a part of the project. With 16,000 vials being sold on a public auction new and excited people can be a part of the Gang and experience the experience of being a part of it.

Although the Gutter Clone owners won’t receive the full package of benefits that the Gutter Species holders get. The owners of the Gutter Clone will have access to the merch drops metaverse experiences, IRL events, P2E games, and other exciting activations. They will not have the benefit of the future NFT airdrops or utility tokens. But shortly, the Gutter Clone’s DNA can be upgraded with the $GANG.

Drop Mechanics

For the drop of the Gutter Juice dutch auction was used. Dutch auction was used to avoid gas wars, to get the minimum of the flippers and the short-term holders, and to let the community set a fair initial price. The initial price was set up in a way that the equilibrium price of the supply and demand will reach in a matter of hours rather than just minutes after the auction begins.

  • The public sale has 16,000 Gutter Juice NFTs, meaning 4000 of each species.
  • The minters will receive the Gutter Juice NFT with random species.
  • The reveal of the Gutter Juice NFT’s species will be undertaken after a few hours of the mint.
  • There is a limit of 20 Gutter Juice NFTs per transaction.
  • After a day of the dutch auction, 12,000 Gutter Juice NFTs will be airdropped to the holders of the Gutter Species.
  • The Clone Machine is under development and will be released in the coming weeks. As soon as it is released the Gutter Juice NFTs can be used with or without the Gutter Species for the Gutter Clone NFTs.

The Gutter Clone NFT collection is an imaginative way of letting more people into the NFT project. The project could not have found a better way to do it. The lore of the NFT is catchy and engrossing, and the perks that come with the Gutter Clones are the best. Even better if you have the Gutter Species. The owners of the Gutter Species will have an extra NFT in their hands for free as the vials will be airdropped to them. Stay tuned for the Clone Machine, as things will begin to get interesting as it is released.