How to Use and Explore Decentraland? Complete Guide To Decentraland

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How to use and Explore Decentraland

Gaming and NFTs, blockchain is probably the best coalition that has ever taken place. It is truly the biggest step the gaming world has ever taken and an innovative one. The incentive that lies here is the decentralization and the ownership these manifestos offer.

The efficacy of verifiable and unalterable ownership that binds the items within the game is just magnificent. Decentraland is the very best project that moved forward with this incentive. It is the most prominent and popular game that has been developed with the conception of what NFTs and blockchain have to offer.  

This article is a guide for you all on how to get started with Decentraland and what can you do in Decentraland.  

What is Decentraland?  

Decentraland is a game that is essentially a virtual world where the players are introduced to endless possibilities of creativity. This game or the virtual world is built on the Ethereum blockchain. You can imagine this game to be a world similar to ours but a virtual one. Within the game, the players can do anything that comes to their imagination, from just roaming and exploring to building experiences, bringing ideas to life, and monetizing them.  

Decentraland is regarded to be so unique and one of its kind as it is totally decentralized. No core organization controls what goes on and about in this virtual world. There is a DAO or Decentralized Autonomous Organization which conducts and manages everything about Decentraland. Any kind of development, events, add-ons, etc to the virtual world is determined by the DAO.  

The possibilities of what players can do in this world are limitless. It isn’t as complicated as you might think it is on what can you do in Decentraland. It is as simple as playing any other game. Create an avatar that suits you and go on and about exploring. You can let out your creativity by buying lands and creating or building anything that comes to your mind.

Whether it be a museum or gallery, concert halls, parks you can build it. As this is a community-owned and driven virtual world, you will have full access to your land. Nothing will come between you, your creativity, and what you have built. Players can also trade lands, wearables, estates, and names as well in Decentraland in the Marketplace that is built on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Before getting on to how to get on and use Decentraland let’s have a look at some essential stuff like MANA token, Lands on Decentraland, and Marketplace.  

The MANA Token 

Similar to other projects having their own in-game currency Decentraland has also got its own in-game currency or token. The in-game currency on which this virtual world runs is MANA. This is a fungible ERC-20 token that is used to purchase assets, land within Decentraland. Players can also buy digital wearables for their avatars from the Marketplace. This token is built on the Ethereum blockchain with the standard of ERC 20.  

How get MANA for yourself?  

There is a myriad of ways through which you can get MANA for yourself. You can buy MANA from exchanges such as CEX.io and Binance. You just need to make an account and buy how much you want to buy. Now the next step is to use them in Decentraland. For that, you will have to transfer the MANA to your wallet such as Metamask.  

What type of Land is there in Decentraland?  

In Decentraland metaverse Land comes in the form of NFTs. The lands being NFTs make it much easier to purchase them and verify their ownership. These Land NFTs are stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and are ERC-721 standards.  

You can check out lands on the website of Decentraland. Go to the website and click on Marketplace and then select Land. You can check out the whole map of the Decentraland by clicking on the universal symbol of location

. There you will see small pixelated boxes, large blue boxes, green ones, and light blue ones. The green ones are Genesis Plaza. The large blue ones are the districts of Decentraland such as Dragon City, Celadron Square, and many more. Light blue ones are the parcels or estates. The grey lines that go all around the map are the roads.  

Dragon City Decentraland

The parcels come in 16m x 16m dimensions. You can use buy these Land NFTs and build something of your own in the virtual world of Decentraland.  

How to buy Land?  

Purchasing Land in Decentraland and building awesome experiences there is the best thing you can do in this virtual world.  

The easiest way to purchase land is to go straight to the Marketplace of Decentraland. You can see what lands are in sale and purchase one if you want to.

To purchase Land you will have to have connected your wallet such as MetaMask.

You can also go to the Land section and open the entire map of Decentraland and click on the little boxes.

Upon clicking you will be able to see the price of the selected Land and place a bid on it if the Land is already owned.  

The Marketplace 

Think of the marketplace as an online shopping site but this one is exclusively for Decentraland. You can access the Marketplace from the website of Decentraland. If you are in the virtual world you can go to the Marketplace from the navigation menu.

In the Marketplace, you can buy and sell a myriad of items that can be used on Decentraland. From avatar wearables to names, to Land everything in Decentraland Metaverse can be bought here with the token MANA. Go to the Marketplace and buy anything you like.  

How to get started with Decentraland?  

Now, the most crucial thing, how to start exploring the virtual world of Decentraland?  

Well, it is quite easy. Visit and open the website of Decentraland and click on the red rectangular box where it is written “Get Started” to start your journey on Decentraland.

After the certain action of clicking, there you will be faced with two options. To play by connecting your wallet or play as a guest. You can choose either of them but you will be able to experience the metaverse to the fullest by connecting your wallet.

The most prominent one is the MetaMask wallet. Connect your wallet then do the obligatory actions of accepting the terms and conditions.  

After that, before you will come to the phase of creating your avatar. You can build your avatar the way you like it from a multitude of choices.

There are choices of different kinds of hair, skin tones, bottoms, shoes, accessories, etc. You can also buy different sets of items from the marketplace and make your avatar look even better.

As soon as you are finished with creating your avatar click the done option. After that, you will have to name your avatar, and terms and conditions will pop up. Scroll down to the bottom and agree to it.  

The minute you agree to the terms and conditions you will find yourself in the Genesis Plaza. You will find other players in the Genesis Plaza.

If you look around you will see three columns with Classic, Events, and Crowd written on the top. There you will find different kinds of events going on in Decentraland. You can move towards it hover your mouse on it and click launch to go experience the events along with other players.  

There is also a hole in the center. You can go into the hole and then you will be dropped at another location. There you will find an octopus multitasking, CryptoPunks images around, and many other things. There you will be guided through the different kinds of controls such as pressing V on the keyboard will allow you to change the point of view and many more controls.

You can see where you are in the top left of the screen. Press M to gain access to the map and select a place where want to go and then left-click and select “Jump In”. This is a very convenient way to get around the world. With this, you will be teleported to the selected region of the map.  

How to use Decentraland?  

There are a bunch of ways that you can use Decentraland. But the major things are to explore, trade assets, and build new and unique experiences. Let’s start by exploring. 

How to Explore Decentraland?  

When thinking about Decentraland the earliest thought that comes to one’s mind is to explore. You can explore the virtual world very easily.

With the “Jump In” option, you don’t have to run and walk to places that you would like to visit. Click on the Explore option which you will find at the top of the screen and then go to “Places”.

Then in front of you will pop up places which are the most popular locations in Decentraland.  

Some of the most popular ones are Sotheby’s gallery, casa ROUSTAN, Golf Craft, and many more.  

Sotheby’s gallery is a very popular spot. Within the gallery, you will find fascinating artworks, NFTs such as Bored Ape Yacht Club, and many more. You can click on the artwork to know about the details of the selected artwork. You can also purchase them if they are up for sale. This is indeed a very popular spot and you won’t regret exploring this area of Decentraland.  

casa ROUSTAN has also claimed to be a very popular spot and a very good one. This is a club that features soothing and vibeful music. There are also NFTs showcased in the club. It proves itself as a very effective place to hang out with the players and interact with each other.  

Golf Craft is also a popular spot in Decentraland. You can go there and play games to earn experience. Play with others to gain diamonds, fashion tickets, and experience. Upon winning a match you will be rewarded with a chest and have a chance to win the pieces of items mentioned above. These items bring several utilities with them such as claiming wearables for your avatar and so on. 

Trading Assets 

One of the most exciting things about Decentraland is you can buy and sell assets. Within these assets come Land, Wearables, and so on. If you have land in your hand and you haven’t built anything in it, you can simply sell it. It is the same with wearables, if you think you don’t need certain wearables put them up for sale and put a price tag of your choice on them. But don’t get too carried away and put a high price. There are more than just these that you can buy and sell in Decentraland. 

In the galleries, you can showcase your NFTs and artworks, and sell them. The players exploring galleries can have a look at them and can purchase them if they like them. You can also lookup the events and participate in auctions that frequently take place on Decentraland and get your hands on valuable items.  

Building in Decentraland  

You can also build in Decentraland and bring your ideas to life in the metaverse. Not just that you can also monetize them.

For this, you must own land and have some experience with 3D modeling for building. Go to the Builder option of Decentraland, where you will face options such as add scene and all. You will be availed of some already built scenes.

To build a scene first you will have to choose the size of the scene, whether it is one parcel or more than that. You can also fiddle around with codes to make your build-up more efficient. While building your own scene from builder get to choose properties from a multitude of options such as different types of field, tiles, nature, and so on.   

With this, you build a myriad of things that come to your imagination in Decentraland. You can build your own gallery like the Sotheby’s, or a cinema hall, parks, and many more. The experiences that you can create in Decentraland are of a wide range. So let your imagination run loose and make Decentraland more exciting.  

Decentraland has proven itself to be the best metaverse or virtual world. Even though it has not been fully developed and there is room for more improvement, still it is the most prominent virtual world. The best feature about it is that it is controlled by the DAO, it is fully community-driven. There is a lot of thrill in just exploring Decentraland. With the MANA token, you can buy items from a multitude of options for your avatar and then show them off to others. Buying and selling virtual lands is also applicable giving off a vibe of virtual real estate. There are a lot of buildings going on in this world and this shows the promising future of the virtual world which is nearing day by day.