Lives of Asuna NFT | A Step Into The World Of Anime Fantasy

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Lives of Asuna NFT

NFT, is a word you will find mumbling in the mouths of many these days. A total grandeur when one comes to know about it. Some may say that these are mundane or repetitive ideas gaining momentum, although they are ignoring the fact that NFTs are the elevation of modernity and most probably prescribes what the future will work on. NFTs have built up a labyrinth of the great creative potential of the people from every possible sphere.  

Speaking of every sphere, anime is a theme that is rapidly becoming popular in the NFT space. With the onset of Lives of Asuna NFT, some anime lovers’ or otakus’ dreams are coming true. The Lives of Asuna is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn anime-inspired NFTs. These NFTs are gorgeous and adorable. Now, otakus can have their own “waifu”.

Each one is unique and represents the different kinds of lives lived by Asuna. Every NFT follows its unique lifestyle. The lifestyles that find themselves in these Asuna NFT vary from mystical to everyday life. In this article you will find out more about the immaculate Asunas.  

What is the Lives of Asuna NFT Collection?

As mentioned earlier these 10,000 NFT represent different lifestyles led by Asuna in the vast multiverse. She lives as a Demon Lord in one life and a totally different and normal life of a pilot or a student in the other.

So, you can guess the myriad of lives that she experiences. The talent behind this immaculate collection is ZumiDraws. ZumiDraws designed and created this project. The Asuna NFTs see come with a combination of traits that find inspiration from the dazzling anime world and they range from sci-fi and fantasy to slice-of-life.  

Customization of Asuna and her story   

The holders of Asuna NFT can also customize and write a story for their Asuna. This is an extremely imaginative way of allowing the holders to make up their own Asuna. Otakus and enthusiasts can create their very own imagined Asuna and their own capsizing story letting their imagination and creativity run wild. The customizations can be done with “special items”. These special items can be accessed after the initial launch as the team is planning to launch it after the initial release.  

An accomplished idol in another life  

There are endless kinds of stuff that come within Asunas capabilities including having expertise as a musician across the multiverse. The moment you hear Asuna’s music you will be captivated and realize that the lives of Asuna cannot be bounded by anything. Not just this there are more eternal possibilities and stories that are on the line. The first song of Asuna will be launched by the team before the launch of the collection.  

Traits and properties  

The Asuna NFTs are hand-drawn and come as beautiful art with a combination of various traits and properties. The traits and properties that adorn these pristine NFTs are  

  • They have different backgrounds such as yellow, blue, orange-yellow, etc.  
  • Amazing appendages such as Bat wings, Cat Tail, Angel Wings, and many more.  
  • Clip Accessories such as Three Stars, Gold Flower, Blue Crystal Tear, etc.  
  • Ears come in one variety “Elf” and only 489 of the Asunas have this.  
  • Eye Color comes in ten varieties as Blue, Green, Black, Bronze, etc.  
  • Eyebrows come in one type “Neutral”.  
  • There are different types of eyes such as Almon Guards, Hooded, Round, etc.  
  • Face Accessories come in 15 types such as Eye Patch, Butterflies, Pixel Glasses, etc.  
  • There are different styles of hair back such as Guard’s Hair, Pig Tails, etc.  
  • Hair Colors are also of various types such as Dirty Blonde, Lilac, Ash, etc.  
  • Hair Front comes in 24 types like Bedhead, Messy Fringe, and many more.  
  • Hand comes in 3 styles and they are Phone, Wave and Peace.  
  • Head Accessory are of 15 types such as Fancy Horns, Pirate hat, and many more.  
  • Mouth are also of various types like Ohh, Laugh, Cat, etc.  
  • Nose comes in one type that is Base type.  
  • There are over 107 outfits and some of them are Kumo T-Shirt, Guard’s Suit, Biker, etc.  
  • Skins Markings are of various kinds such as X Scar, Barcode, Grey Cat Stripes, etc.  
  • Skin tones are of 5 types Bright, Tan, Neutral, Warm, and Dark.  
  • Weapons come in ten types such as Blue Silver Katana, Long Sword, Axe, etc.  

Lives of Asuna Roadmap  

The current roadmap is the initial plan of the team with the Asuna NFT project. The team will expand and develop its roadmap with the growth of the community.  

  • Launch – The NFT collection was released in January of 2022.  
  • Special Asunas – Legendary or special Asuna NFTs will be dropped to the existing collectors. These 5 special Asuna NFTs will have traits and properties that none of the Asuna NFTs in the collection possess. These 5 will become the top-tier rarest Asuna NFTs.  
  • Outfit your Asuna with a rare item – The “special items” will be raffled to the existing collectors. With these, the collectors can customize their Asuna and these items can be traded as well. Customizations will add more to the rarity of the Asuna NFTs.  
  • Explore the music of Asuna – The first song was not the end of Asuna’s enthusiasm for music. She has a dream of releasing a complete music project. Bringing together the two different realms of electronic music and Anime a debut mini-album will be released. The title of the album and the artwork design is in the hands of the community.  
  • Even more items for further customization – Keep on giving each Asuna a unique look by customizing it and hence increasing the value and rarity of the Asuna. The team will not stop here. They assure that they will increase the project’s scope and ideas as the community grows. The future of the Lives of Asuna is sure to be illuminated by bright lights.  

How To Purchase Lives of Asuna NFT?

The NFTs of the Lives of Asuna could be claimed by enthusiasts through one of the following stages: A whitelisted presale and a public sale.  

Presale was on 27th January, 2:00 PM EST and the minting price was 0.08 ETH. For more information to get on how to get whitelisted discord is always available.  

The public raffle results were announced on 31st January at 2:00 PM EST. The winners of the raffle were able to mint at the price of 0.2 ETH. 0.12 ETH out of this sale was added to the treasury of the community.  

You can purchase the Lives of Asuna NFT directly through the Opensea NFT Marketplace.

The Team Behind Lives of Asuna NFT Project

  • Zumi or ZumiDraws is the artist of this project and on Twitter exclaims as Co-Founder of the project.  
  • Hagglefish is also a Co-Founder and artist. According to the Twitter account, Hagglefish likes to draw very much.  
  • Oksami is the developer of the project and also a profound music producer.  

Therefore, the team is filled with experienced people. Along with the experience they also have immense aptitude in their respective fields. No wonder this project captivates curiosity at first glance.  

Lives of Asuna NFT collection is a breath-taking collection. Giving anime a whole new look and ideas. The fact that each NFT represents the different lives led by Asuna in the multiverse is amazing and captivating. The holders can see their imagination come to life with the customizability of the NFTs. With this also comes the assurance of increasing the rarity of each NFT. The holders will also be able to experience exclusive music that too not just a single song but an album. The project also promises future development with new and fresh ideas. The Lives of Asuna NFT collection is a very exciting project and the holders are sure to have a thrilling experience holding these immaculate NFTs.