Moon Boyz NFT Project

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moon boyz nft

In recent years NFTs have become very popular. NFT projects are gradually seeping into every sphere of expression and modernity. They are proving themselves that they are more than just JPEGs by adding extraordinary utilities to them. One such is the Moon Boyz NFT project that is here to build up a community that has faith in the future and takes risks of giving momentum to new ideas. They are equipped with awesome utilities that show appreciation for the childhood dream of many. “Space”. They are also offering their holders figurines of the NFTs that they own. The most interesting part is that they are planning to send a random lucky holder to the space. So, owning a Moon Boyz NFT comes with a package of exciting stuff.

Who are Moon Boyz?

The Moon Boyz is a collection of 11111 ERC-721 tokens that exist on the Ethereum blockchain. Each of them is unique and exists as a 3D model. With this NFT you are facilitated with a whole lot of incredible utilities and become a part of the community that just doesn’t stop evolving.


“We’re Different Because We Have a Lunar View”

NFTs are one of the most inspiring innovations that will definitely lead up to huge progress. NFTs are the medium through which a vast amount of achievements can be obtained. NFTs and blockchain technology are sure to bring a progressive change and that change is sure to touch every part of life. NFTs allow us to build and fund the ideas of the whimsical human mind comes up with. First in cyberspace, after that in the real world then finally in outer space.

The utilities that the NFTs offer promises that development.

The project is planning to send people to outer space through NFTs. They are here for the long-term and they will not let down their holders in any aspect.

They are imagining that they have already reached space which they have promised in 2024. From that point of view, they are imagining “how do we get there?”. They have considered space to be their inspiration and everything that they do and will do in the future will support their operation to reach the moon. Everything that they will hold from art expos, the Moon Shop, the Figurines, the Business Club supports their aim.

With the Moon Boyz, they want to form a community that looks forward to evolution.

The team with its efforts is heading towards a “transformational movement” that will bring together physical space, the virtual world, and outer space. The way to achieve that is the NFTs but everything depends upon the individual. The effort and endurance that one shows towards that dream are what will get us there. So they are offering a platform for those and are impatient for the people to join them.


The team is headed for the moon and they will touch everything that comes in while getting there. The growth of their community will altogether see the progressive ideas that aim towards the achievement of the ambition of living in the physical, virtual, and as well outer space.

01: Art Expos X Events

The team is offering the top holders an exclusive experience and chance to go to the most immaculate city on the Earth. There the holders can meet the artists of the NFT space and can go through the work processes that go into creating masterpieces.

02: Figurines and Merch

In the upcoming days, there will be a Moon Boyz Figurines drop. This is an exclusive drop and the holders are lucky enough to get early access to these figurines. More to that, there will also be limited-edition exclusive tees, hoodies, and other items that are for the holders to flex their following of an exciting dream.

03: The Moon Shop

The holders can also stake or burn their Moon Boyz. With this, they will gain $DARK with which they can customize their Moon Boyz. This will greatly add value to Moon Boyz as it makes it much rarer, unique and get collaborations from top NFT artists.

04: The Business Club

Once you become a holder, you will get a membership for an exclusive community. The community holds top players in the NFT and the Crypto realm. As a member of this club, you can experience live events and get an opportunity to meet the top influencers through VR.

05: Space Travel

Here comes the intriguing part, 2024 the team is planning to send one holder on a space trip with their figurine. To get a chance to become a part of the first space crew, become a part of the community, stay active and cherish your Moon Boyz.


“From Your OpenSea Account to Your Desk”

As soon as the Moon Boyz figurines drop, your NFT will become the leading one that everyone will wish to own. These figurines hold high value and are limited.

These drops will come with a newly minted Moonboy NFT. They are 3D printed figurines that will bear resemblance with that NFT and are of extremely high quality. You can also print your own copy whenever you wish to.

With this, the NFT will have a value more than just JPEGs and slam the critiques as there will be a physical model of your NFT right near you. Along with this comes the hit of nostalgia and also proves that you are a part of the evergreen community.

The Space Mission

“To Boldly Go Where No Holder Has Gone Before”

As the stereotype goes that the ideas of space ships, technology came that also through NFTs came from entrepreneurs, engineers, or experts. But no, this all emerges from a simple source, childhood dreams. Dreams that were put under woodworks.

Most of the astronauts, scientists when asked what was their inspiration they exclaim that it was TV shows like Star Trek! These peculiar things boosted their passion and helped them achieve their dreams.

NFTs are the simple yet advanced evolution of technology that won’t fail on bringing a change. But they are also not free from criticisms. People who don’t understand have put the stamp of “jpegs shopping” and so on, even families criticize and jump to conclusions without understanding the depths of it. Lastly, not put any faith in any kind of development.

So, the Moon Boyz are helping the enthusiasts who are following their dreams and keeping faith reach their goals.


In 2024, the team is following up on a plan of sending holders into space with the company’s “world view”. This is a part of the Roadmap and there are no tickets left as of now.

Space Mission

The team is working with “sent into space” to hold and begin space missions to the holders. Further information for this will be released so stay active in the community.

Piano King

This is the first mission of the team. In this, they have partnered with Sofiane pamart. There will be a live stream of a concert held from space! Though this is only for the Moon Boyz holders. Go get yourself one if you wish to experience this.

The Moon Shop

The team will launch Moon Shop with which the holders can make their Moon Boyz their own. They can interpret their own attributes like face, colors, background, and accessories as well.

This is the earliest customizing platform to be introduced in the NFT realm and there are more to come. The team is also planning a lineup of excellent artists to add more unique attributes that were not available while the minting of Moon Boyz. So the holders will be able to add unique customizations to their NFT increasing their value.

How it Works?

To purchase items from the Moon Shop, the holders will require $DARK which can be obtained by stacking or burning the existing Moon Boyz.

  • Step 1: The holders are required to stake their Moon Boyz.
  • Step 2: After stacking, the Moon Boyz will generate $DARK once per day. The burned ones will grant a collected sum instantly.
  • Step 3: After getting $DARK you can go to the Moon Shop and look for unique colors, faces, backgrounds, and accessories.
  • Step 4: Then customize the Moon Boy with desired traits and let it be unique among the others.
  • Step 5: Keep checking to get access to new collaborations with trending NFT artists.

What makes it cooler?

The value of the NFT is determined by the following equation.

NFT Value = Utility + Ownership History + Future Value + Liquidity Premium

The Moon Shop is adding more power to the first three out of the four from above.


With this, the Moon Boyz has become self-expression for the holders with the customization. The NFTs will become unique and become way rarer than you can imagine.

Ownership History

The ownership has more scope than just metadata. Therefore the thumbprint of ownership of the previous owners can be seen by everyone. Although it is up to the holders if they want to completely change the attributes of the Moon Boy or keep the customizations of the previous owners. So there has been added a whole new dimension into ownership history.

Future Value

There will be constant additions to the Moon Shop with new collaborations. So, customization is an ever-changing and evolving platform. The future value of a Moon Boy cannot be determined. With the further upcoming customizations and the hype of collaborations with artists in the future, the value is sure to get hyped. Adding more to it, with every stack the supply of Moon Boy decreases and in turn the value of each Moon Boy.

The Moon Boyz NFT has elevated the NFT space with innovation. From jpegs to shows from space to visit space, this is by far the most interesting NFT project. The holders will also get a whole lot of utility. The customization platform is at its finest and there’s even more coming to it. The value of Moon Boyz will skyrocket and reach heights where other NFTs will take years to reach.