Top 10 Most Expensive Alienfrens NFTs Ever Sold

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With the recent craze surrounding non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it is no surprise that even alien frens are getting in on the action.

The Alien Frens NFT is a NFT Project that aims to develop a lifetime friendship between 10,000 frens. It has set its sights on creating the healthiest community and has started a great friendly environment for its holders. The collection of 10,000 NFTs is generated at random on the Ethereum blockchain, each one representing a Unique NFT.

This project was launched on December 20th, 2021, and its floor price had already hit 3.12 Ethereum with over 26K Ethereum volume traded. As of today, the Floor is currently sitting at 1.12 ETH. These cuddly aliens outperformed the majority of top NFT projects in terms of popularity.

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Today, in this article, we will be talking about the Top 10 Most Expensive Alienfrens NFT’s Ever Sold.

1. alien fren #668

Value – 51 ETH ~ $149,306

The alien fren, who had black circle on top of him, with red eyes was sold for an enormous amount. This NFT was purchased for 51 Ethereum, which is $149,306.07 Dollars USD.

spiderweb3.eth sold this to EljaboomNFT. The owner EljaboomNFT is a exceptional collector with over 400 NFTs in his collection.

The cool thing about Alien Fren #668 is that it is one of the NFT’s in the collection that possess 1:1 trait whcih is Albino.

2. alien fren #7603

Value – 42 ETH ~ $122,957.94

This is another beautiful example of a cool looking alien fren, which looks pretty simple, just pure black and white or so called Monochrome. This extraterrestrial fren was last sold for 42 Ethereum, or $122,957.94. On February 17th, Plum sold this alien fren to n0b0dy.eth.

This is another Alien Fren NFT with 1:1 Trait and it’s extremely rare. It has one trait which is Monochrome.

3. alien fren #4103

Value – 40.69 ETH ~ $119,122.82

The alien fren with electric energy circling him up was sold for an astounding price. On January 17th, this NFT was sold for 40.69 Ethereum, which is $119,122.82 in today’s dollars.

This was purchased by 50PoundGoldfish from iloveburgers. Iloveburgers is a great collector with over 600 NFTs to his name.

Alien Fren #4103 has a 1:1 Rare Trait. Electric is the only trait in this NFT. As a result, this one is quite unusual. The keeper has not offered it for sale, perhaps being a fan of NFT collecting.

4. alien fren #125

Value – 28 ETH ~ $81,971.96

alien fren #125 has a disintegrating head wears a blue headband around it. This alien fren was bought for 28 Ethereum, or $81,971.96.

ilovetuggies acquired this item from Shadows-eth on January 9th. ilovetuggies has amassed over 100 NFTs and his collection is Full of Full Send Metacards.

The alien fren #125 is equipped with a set of characteristics, which include an Orange background, Zombie OLU body, and just 10 alien frens have this trait. The other traits include Office Hipster attire -> Ninja Blue face, Dazed eyes, and a Meh mouth are all features of this alien frenzy.

5. alien fren #7711

Value – 25 ETH ~ $73,189.25

Whats it like to be infested with worms and cold freezing ice?

This infested worm frenzy alien fren was sold for a really high price. The alien fren #7711 was sold for 25 Ethereum, or $73,189.25. This was offered by Bajirao to Gingging2 on January 9th.

$70K+ for an NFT is not a joke, considering the fact that he bought the NFT for just 2 ETH, which is roughly $5000 to $6000 Dollars.

The alien fren #7711 has six unique rare properties, that makes it extremely rare. It has a Pink background, a Zombie Xenos body that only 10 other aliens have and a head submerged in an Ice Cube, which only 1 percent of the alien frens having this feature, Goo mouth, Dark Jacket, and Gummy Worms eyes.

6. alien fren #9720

Value – 15.99 ETH ~ $46,811.84

Did you know that having three pairs of eyes has advantages? Well for your Alien Frens it’s an absolute requirement on a bright sunny day.

This NFT reminds me of Electro Buzz from the Pokemon series.

For 15.99 ETH or $46,811.84, this eco-friendly alien fren was sold by Colt455 to jf. Jf is a huge NFT collector and has gathered over 400 crypto collectibles to date. Jf owns some coolest NFTs in his collection. The alien fren #9720 consists of six traits, a Blue Camo backdrop, the Femi Body, the Bonzai Hat, Aw Man mouth, Glasses, and Armband clothing.

7. alien fren #6373

Value – 15 ETH ~ $43,913.55

Did he just get hit by a Sludge Bomb?

An unknown, gooey substance coats this unidentified alien fren, and the alien itself appears to be startled. This Alien Fren NFT was sold for 15 Ethereum or $43,913.55 to JCapGenesys on December 26th 2021.

On January 11th, it was transferred to GenesysFund2. GenesysFund2 owns over 70 NFTs and mostly VOX Collectibles and Town Star NFT’s. The Melted Trait of the alien fren #6373 is a very rare one.

8. alien fren #3078

Value – 15 ETH ~ $43,913.55

This is another zombie-like alien fren with a headband. This alien fren was sold for 15 Ethereum, or $43,913.55.

TeamNFTone acquired this from 50PoundGoldfish on January 16th. It was passed on to bananarama123 on January 24th.

Bananarama, the owner, has amassed over 40 NFTs so far, including Cryptoadz, a Bored Ape Kennel Club, and Phantabear. The alien fren #3078 is characterized by traits such as a Mint background, Zombie Femi body that is uncommon, Baby Tooth mouth, Fren eyes, Ninja Yellow clothing.

9. alien fren #7562

Value – 14.99 ETH ~ $43,884.27

This is a zombie alien with a pill in the tongue and toilet paper around its head looks pretty awesome and freaky. This alien fren was purchased for 14.99 Ethereum or $43,884.27 by AEE254 on January 4th, 2018, from Sputnik31.

Sputnik31, the owner of this NFT, has amassed over 400 NFTs. Along with the alien frens, he also owns many Bored Apes, Mutant Apes, Cool Cats, and other collectives.

10. alien fren #4271

Value – 20 ETH ~ $58,551.40

The disintegrating head of this second alien fren who also happens to wear a headband which is black in color. This alien fren was sold for 20 Ethereum, which is $58,551.40.

He is wearing a cool Polka Dot sweater and appears to be be in utter distress, or maybe he is just fed up of humans.

Bought by Jackaloofas-Vault from coasthawk, Jackaloofas is an advid NFT collector who owns roughly over 30 NFT’s, but his collection includes some really cool Vee Friends NFT’s.

So that was the end of Top 10 Most Expensive Alien Frens NFT’s Ever Sold. If you enjoyed reading this article, be sure to share it with your friends and family.

The alien fren NFTs have been sold for hefty sums of money. In a very little time, the prices on which it was offered shot up. People are ready to invest as this is a community-oriented project with many exciting future plans. We are hoping to see Alien Frens NFT’s thrive and grow even bigger in the future.

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