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Top 10 Most Expensive Veefriends NFTs Ever Sold

Most Expensive Vee Friends NFT

With just a glimpse at the name, NFT enthusiasts will be able to guess the originator of this project. It’s Gary Vaynerchuk, better known as GaryVee. He is widely regarded as one of the finest orators regarding NFTs. He pushes individuals to embrace the future of virtual and real worlds merging. Now he’s extending his talents into the NFT sector with the introduction of his own NFT collections.

The Veefriends NFT collection was first launched on May 11, 2021. It has 10,255 Veefriends NFTs in its debut launch.

With this project, he is taking advantage of NFT features and moving toward the creation of a community based on his business and creative ideas.

These NFTs include human qualities that Gary Vee feels will contribute to the formation of a positive atmosphere and the achievement of desirable outcomes in creating a community.

In addition, unique creatures are developed utilizing a variety of characteristics or properties splitting some into being rarer than the others. The Veefriends NFT owners will also have access to the Vee Con.

Vee Con is a series of activities dedicated to innovative and creative ideas, entrepreneurship, business, and so on. Everything that surrounds this NFT collection serves to promote Veefriends holders’ collaborative development as well as providing all the more incentive for those interested in the project.

Today, we’ll look at the top 10 Most Expensive Veefriends NFT’s Ever sold

10. Veefriends: Patient Panda – $200,665.50 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 70 ETH 

Veefriends: Patient Panda

The Patient Panda is here to show some optimism to those who have invested. The Panda was sold for $200,665.50 Dollars USD in Ethereum or 70 ETH. This was purchased by user named kalish

The Patient Panda belongs to the Mammals category, and is from the Panda Family that is very rare in the collection. It also has traits such as Diamond and is the first edition of the collection.

kalish is a Big NFT collection with a large number of Veefriends NFTs, he currently owns over 1500 NFT’s!

9. Veefriends: Very, Very, Very, Very, Lucky Black Cat – $202,242.16 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 70.55 ETH 

Veefriends: Very, Very, Very, Very, Lucky Black Cat

The Very Lucky Black Cat is one of the rarest Veefriends NFT in the collection. The Very Lucky Black Cat was sold for 70.55 Ethereum which is $202,242.16 Dollars USD

This was sold by hsingh251 to PuffinEnterpriseVault. Surprisingly, Cats are also very rare in the Vee Friends collection as there are only approx 400 of them in the entire series.

8. Veefriends: “Diamond Hands” Hen – $229,332.00 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 80 ETH 

Veefriends: "Diamond Hands" Hen

This is a Diamond card, an unusual Hen was bought by kalish from GaryVee for a staggering price of 80 Ethereum or $229,332.00 Dollars USD,

The “Diamonds Hands” Hen has unique characteristics and qualities such as animal, spectacular diamond, farm animal, rareness, and so on. For this Hen, kalish is the proud owner of a stunning collection of NFTs including CryptoPunks, Doodles, Bored Ape, and so on.

The owner has put up the “Diamond Hands” Hen for sale at 369.95 Ethereum. Although, no one has bought it yet.

7. Veefriends: Entrepreneur Elf – $229,332.00 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 80 ETH 

Veefriends: Entrepreneur Elf -

Bought by WuTangClan, this Veefriend appears to have a trait that is likely inspiring several owners. On August 8, 2021, this Entrepreneur Elf was sold for 80 Ethereum or $229,332.00 Dollars USD

It’s a bluntly and casually drawn Elf, but its very rare in the bunch as it has the Lava property.

This is also the first edition of the NFT, and its got many rare traits.

6. Veefriends: Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik – $243,665.25 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 85 ETH 

Veefriends: Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik

Lefko bought Mitchell-360’s Harpik for 85 ETH or $243,665.25 Dollars USD, on January 8th, 2022.

The Harpik has this cool Thoughtful traits that means a lot to the community, particularly in the entrepreneur and business fields.

The buyer Lefko has amassed a large number of NFTs, including CryptoPunks, Doodles, World of Women, and others. This Harpik is not for sale at the moment.

5. Veefriends: Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik – $257,998.50 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 90 ETH 

Veefriends: Thoughtful Three Horned Harpik

This clever creature certainly recognized itself being offered for a ludicrous price. On January 11, 2022, this was sold for 90 Ethereum or $257,998.50. This Veefriend was acquired by Maazavault and then sold to logz.

Logz, the owner of this NFT, has a wonderful collection of NFTs, including MoonCats, CryptoPunks, and ON1 Force.

The Harpik is a very rare creature with Hologram spectacular, Spectacular rarity, Admission group, Creature category, and many more rare characteristics.

4. Veefriends: Adaptable Alien – $286,665.00 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 100 ETH 

Veefriends: Adaptable Alien

Another really cool looking Vee friends was purchased for a very high price. On August 8, 2021, the Adaptable Alien was sold for 100 Ethereum or $286,665.00 Dollars USD.

This was acquired by the WuTang Clan directly from Gary Vee, who is ofcourse our MAN.

The Adaptable Alien comes with unique characteristics and qualities such as Spectacular rarity, G.O.O., and 1 of 1 Art property and many others.

3. Veefriends: Alert Ape – $300,998.25 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 105 ETH 

Veefriends: Alert Ape

Seems like the NFT community really loves apes.

This is one of the greatest Veefriends sale, which is the sale of the Alert ape was sold for 105 Ethereum or $300,998.25 by Gary Vee.

The Alert Ape has distinctive characteristics and qualities, which is why it was sold for a high price. It’s a Diamond extraordinary, Jungle property comes from the category of animals, and there are numerous more.

The seller of this NFT has a number of incredible NFTs, including Bored Apes, Cryptopunks, Creature World, and others.

2. Veefriends: Podcast Panther – $343,998.00 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 120 ETH 

Veefriends: Podcast Panther

If you don’t know, Panthers are very popular in the Vee Friends Community and this one is totally striking.

Podcast Panther is a unique one as it comes with a rare trait of OG Price, Redemptions and In-Person Access!. Additionally, this Panther just looks too cool with those red background designs.

Podcast Panther was sold for 120 ETH which is around $343,998.00 Dollars USD

1. Veefriends: Empathy Elephant – $372,664.50 Dollars USD

Ethereum Value – 130 ETH 

 Veefriends: Empathy Elephant

This NFT depicts empathy, which was also the most expensive sale from the collection.

This is a very special NFT for Vee Friends fan because this Elephant represents the emotion of Empathy which is always preached by Gary Vee. Additionally, it also comes in Gold Background.

AidanTag sold this to JCapGenesis for 130 Ethereum or $372,664.50on January 4th 2022, making it the highest-priced sale in this collection.

GenesysFund2 acquired it from Aidantag on January 11th 2022.

The current holder of GenesysFund2, for example, has a remarkable collection of NFTs such as alien fren, VOX Collectibles, Mirandus, and others.

The Empathy Elephant is adorned with numerous characteristics including G.O.O. and Safari property, Spectacular rarity, Gold spectacularity, and many more traits that are uncommonly beautiful. T

he set of unusual properties it possesses also adds up to its value significantly. This Elephant hasn’t been put up for sale by the owner yet.

So that was the end of the Top 10 Most Expensive Veefriends NFT’s ever sold. If you really enjoyed reading this article, please share it with your friends and families and spread your love for NFTs!.

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