Pixelmon NFT Project | A Pokemon Style NFT Game

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Pixelmon NFT Project

Pixelmon is an Open World RPG or role-playing game and the characters are to be bought as an NFT. Within the games, players can train, evolve and trade their Pixelmon. This holds similarities with Pokemon. The Pixelmon NFTs collection or Pixelmon Generation 1 NFT was launched in February of 2021 through a Dutch auction.

But the unusual thing was the mint price of the NFT collection. Usually, the mint price of an NFT collection comes in decimals but in the case of Pixelmon Generation 1, the mint price was 3 Eth. That is a lot through the eyes of a common observer. But with all the hype of an Open world game the project collected a whopping $70 million.

In this article, you will get a deeper look into the Pixelmon NFT collection.

What are Pixelmons?

Pixelmons are the creatures that roam around the virtual world known as Eden. These creatures come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. They have more utilities than just loitering around in the virtual world. These Pixelmons can be caught by the players and they can be collected as NFTs. These Pixelmon NFT can be traded and sold by the players making them money. The Pixelmons of Generation 1 collection cannot be seen roaming around in the virtual world, therefore cannot be caught and could only be acquired during the minting phase.

Pixelmon Utilities

On owning a Pixelmon NFT the holder gets access to utilities such as early access and rewards.

Pixelmon Land

Generation 1 Pixelmon grants the holders access to the exclusive airdrop of Pixelmon land. The holders gain the advantage of owning the Pixelmon lands before everyone else. The Land will come in a myriad of combinations such as tents, rooms, shacks, mansions, shops, and castles too. With the tents and rooms, the players can stay in the wilderness and explore it and catch Pixelmons. The ones who acquire shops will be able to sell items in the game and there are more infinite possibilities of what one can do.

The team has planned to release the Pixelmon land in Q2 of 2022.

Early Access

Not only lands the holders of Generation 1 will get the chance to take part in the Alpha Launch of the Pixelmon game. The Generation 1 Pixelmon that the holders appear to be a  Level 2 Pixel Pass which will give them access to the alpha. In addition to the alpha, the holders will also get exclusive access to the in-game items and events.

In-Game Rewards

The Generation 1 Pixelmon will also bring its holders a multitude of in-game rewards and items. With these, the holders can customize their trainers, decorate their rooms, tents, and a lot of other possibilities. These items can also be traded, sold, and bought through the Pixelmon marketplace.

Although these cool items can only be obtained by owning Generation 1 Pixelmon NFT and no other way. So hold on to those NFTs to gain a myriad of rewards.

Pixelmon Token

The Generation 1 NFT will give the holders exclusive access to the Pixelmon Token. These tokens will probably be used in the items to upgrade, evolve the Pixelmons and buy and sell items. The team is set to launch these tokens in Q2 of 2022.

The Team’s Vision

“The Pixel-Vision”

The project has set its goals on making the largest and the most elegant game that the NFT space will be able to experience. The team is building a metaverse where the players can go through thrilling experiences along with their friends. They can battle with others with their Pixelmon. Train and evolve their Pixelmon, trade items, customize their homes and trainers.

The project had expected the time that will take for the project to complete to be 2 to 3 years. They had thought of releasing the game in Q2 of 2023. Although they were thrilled by the high number of funds they amassed through minting and they will release the game in early Q4 of 2022. They will release the Alpha around the end of Q2 of 2022.

“The Journey”

Up till the release of the Open World game the team will keep their community and the world updated with previews, sneak peeks, and behind the scene footage. They will try to include the community as much as they can during the development of the game. The team will also release newsletters regarding the development of the game every two or three weeks. The newsletters will include mini-demos and gameplay. They are excited to show the world their progress and what they are putting their efforts on.

The team behind the project

The project has big and efficient aims regarding their game. So they have included the best of the best members on their team. They consist of expert and creative minds that have been giving all their efforts and their best in fabricating the best game that the NFT world will see. The team has partnered with Magic Media to launch the best game in the world.

Magic Media is a prominent gaming and entertainment group that are internationally acclaimed. The group has immense creativity that aims towards innovation. The group has members who are professionals and experts in spheres such as interactive entertainment, software, application, game development, cybersecurity, VFX, art, and animation. This group is filled with experts who have previously worked with Ubisoft, Disney, Activision, and Blizzard.

The team will also form a partnership with Delta Devs for the Smart Contract, Metadata, and Frontend Development.

The Pixelmon NFT project seems very promising and the team is full of experts. Although the ones who purchased the Generation 1 NFTs for a high price are not satisfied with the artwork. The project faced a lot of criticisms regarding the artwork and the high price. The high price created doubts in people’s minds as the game has not been completed yet. But criticisms are faced by every NFT project. The team and the vision of the project give thorough promises about the game and gives high expectation to the holders. Now time holds all the answers.