The Quirkies NFT Collection | Everything You Need to Know

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Quirkies NFT Collection

Quirkies NFT has only 5,000 odd creatures, with 2,200 owners. Yet it has strong community support. Current floor price is 2.169 ETH, with a daily trading volume 11.4k ETH. The team also has long-term metaverse ambitions.

But before that – What are NFT’s?

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that are unique and cannot be duplicated. These tokens can represent everything from collectibles like artwork or rare video games, to asset types like real estate or titles.

One of the main advantages of NFTs is that they are easily transferrable and can be used as an alternative form of currency. Because they cannot be duplicated or copied, these tokens can also provide increased security against fraud or theft.

Quirkies NFT At a Glance

Although the collection has increased by more than 6ETH per NFT in the time since February 2022, it has been taking a backseat lately. This slowdown can be attributed to the bearish sentiment that gripped NFT markets.

Quirkies NFT has hundreds of traits so that every owner can find the one that best represents them. This gives owners a greater connection to their digital versions of creatures . If you are unable to choose the right one, there is no limit on how many you can choose.

Approximately 5,000 Quirkies are intended to be produced in the first year of operation. The team does not anticipate to create any more than their companions, with only 5,000 Quirkies expected throughout the entire lifetime of the project.

In February, 0.05 ETH was required to make your own Quirkie. When compared to the current floor price, it is a fantastic bargain.

During the public sale, a total of 2 mints was permitted per whitelist position, and 5 mints per account.

The Team Behind Quirkies NFT Project

Syntribos, Soulest, FinchOne, Space Invader, and Quacamole are the main players in building this NFT project.

Many of them have been involved in many projects together and have extensive experience in the NFT and crypto industries. The team includes NFT and early cryptocurrency investors, marketing professionals, well-known musicians, and the development crew.

So far, things look good for the team; especially in terms of creating a close-knit community.

The team has a long-term goal of creating their own metaverse where the Quirkies NFTs may use their abilities. In the meantime, the group will attempt to incorporate the creatures into existing metaverses.

There will also be Quirkies-branded apparel, including streetwear that combines surfing and skating motifs. Furthermore, the NFTs may be used to buy real-world memberships that provide access to events and limited opportunities across the world. Finally, each animal will get a buddy of their own.

Bottom Line

Aside from the intriguing teaser, we know very little about the ‘Quirklings’ initiative. We do, however, know that one of the project’s major objectives is to give each creature a companion.

We should anticipate a snapshot, therefore the companion release will most likely be done via an airdrop. However, there is no exact date yet, and the team advises keeping a Quirkies NFT on hand just in case.

The Quirklings, according to Azuki’s BEANZ or BAYC’S BAKC, may be worth keeping an eye on. That’s all I’m saying.