Terra Cute NFT project will include a P2E game and Token

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NFTs, cryptocurrencies and the Metaverse are undeniably dominating the Internet in 2022, so much so that some NFT projects have even “minted” (publically listing and selling) for millions of dollars.

But now, NFT creators and developers are seeking ways to use NFTs more purposefully, aside from standalone art. One such use may even spark a new era of gaming; NFT games. 

Gaming studios and developers alike, both old and new, are starting to either implement NFT integration into their previous games, or create entirely new NFT dedicated games altogether.

One such NFT game that has recently launched is “Terra Cute”. Read on to find out about how their NFT collection has uniquely created the foundation of a new multiplayer online role-playing game (MORPG). 

What is Terra Cute?

Terra Cute was initially a collection of 3450 handmade NFTs that have since become an integral part of its sister play-to-earn MORPG game. Alongside the game, the Terra Cute team also launched their own blockchain, now known as the Terra Blockchain, which is an open-source and stable coin network. 

When is the launch?

The Terra Cute NFT has already launched! The mint price was set at 1 LUNA per NFT, equivalent to roughly $80.00 at the time of writing (April 15th). 

What’s unique about Terra Cute?

Similar to other NFT games, the Terra Cute team integrates its NFTs directly into the Terra Cute unlimited 2D world, which is comparable to existing MORPGs. In the game, you’re able to own characters, meet and communicate with friends and design & play games, all whilst earning in-game currency. 

What’s even more exciting is that each Terra Cute NFT directly translates into a unique character within the game, pre-assigned with its own set of talents and abilities. For instance, some NFTs correlate to in-game animals, robots, ninjas and many more character classes!

What initially differentiated Terra Cute from other NFT projects and games was its handmade NFT collection, designed specifically by Terra Cute’s dedicated graphic design team. If you’re involved in the NFT world at all, you’ll likely be aware of the thousands of simple and uncreative computer-generated collections that exist today.

To further add to Terra Cute’s uniqueness, the design team have stated that each person who holds more than 2 NFTs will be eligible to receive a real-life, 10×30 cm 3D figure! 

Will the Terra Blockchain rival Ethereum?

The Terra Blockchain was started in 2018 by developers Do Kwon and Daniel Shin. They underpinned the chain with the is $LUNA token, an already established cryptocurrency.

For this reason, many people believe it has the potential to rival one of the biggest crypto incumbents, Ethereum. Regardless, the blockchain saw a great deal of initial popularity in the crypto markets at launch, with it even ranking in the 10 most popular cryptocurrencies at the time, passing the likes of other hyped cryptos such as Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. 

Have I already missed the Terra Cute boat?

If you’re still interested in owning a Terra Cute NFT- don’t worry, you may still have time to get involved! Visit Random Earth here (the website Terra Cute has minted on) to see if you’re still eligible to purchase one. 

The final verdict?

In summary, Terra Cute is one among many new and exciting NFT games set to potentially transform the gaming industry. Its unique P2E integration makes for great earning potential on the Terra Cute dedicated blockchain network, which is only bound to make the game better and overall more enjoyable to play!