Top 10 Most Annoying Songs in the World

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Music is something that we enjoy and transfer us to another dimension with its great production and singing. But not all songs and music are good and can be a headache to listen to, there are some songs which are annoying and get stuck in your head for a long time. The song might be just overplayed by too many people and used too much on social media. Or it can be truly annoying because of how the song is put together and the production is inferior.

In this article, we list the top 10 most annoying songs in the world. These songs are sure to get stuck in your head and might make you wish you never heard them. Although, not all people might find these songs annoying, and can be a muse for them. But most of the people in the world find them to be the most annoying songs ever.  

10. Selfie – The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers were a big hit during the 2010s and were ruling the charts with their catchy and groovy songs. Their song “Closer” was one of the biggest hits and even their other songs were close to being a hit. But every artist has songs that are bad or not up to the mark. “Selfie” is a song produced and made by the duo Chainsmokers, and it might be one of the most annoying songs ever.

The song is only a progression of annoying beats with the lyric “Lemme Take a Selfie” which is sung even more annoyingly. The video also shows some girls talking about other people in a club and then as the video progresses they go on to take a selfie. Then the video goes on to show a series of selfies of random people. This is a really annoying song, that can piss off even a calm and quiet person. Even “The Chainsmokers” stated that this song was made just for fun and they had not intended to release it in the first place.

9. Macarena – Los Del Rio

Macarena by Los Del Rio was a hit song when it was released in 1993. It was well received by the audience and even the dance break of this song became extremely popular. The best part of the song is the chorus and most of the people in the world can sing along to it. But as the years went by, the song became quite annoying.

The song started being used on memes, and mostly on Tik Tok. It was constantly playing on people’s phones and getting stuck in their minds. So a once popular song became one of the most annoying songs in the world.

8. Barbie Girl – Aqua

Seeing “Barbie Girl” might surprise you, but it is not one of the fabulous songs from the Barbie Movie. In fact, it was not even in any Barbie movie even though it mentions it in the name. From the lyrics to the production, everything about this song is annoying. On one listen it is sure that you will think about the song for days to come.

Most people will immediately skip this song if it ever comes on. Therefore, some people might think that “Barbie Girl” is an iconic song of the 90s but in reality, it is an annoying song that can easily exasperate someone. Some people even go to the lengths of being frustrated and angry upon listening to this song.

7. The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) – Ylvis

Everybody knows the term, “What Does the Fox Say?”. It was a viral song during the 2010s and was in the phones and minds of everyone. Ylvis recorded the song and got the distinction of being an annoying song in the opinions of most of the people in the world. The only reason it was popular was because of the memes mostly. The whole song is a nuisance and some might even take it as a punishment to listen to this annoying song.

How the song progresses and is put together sounds like done by someone who has never listened to good music. Also, the lyrics are annoying and below amateur level, and contain annoying sounds. The chorus goes on with the lyric “Joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff” and “Jacha-chacha-chacha-chow!”, which is just annoying and nonsense.

6. My Humps – Black Eyes Peas

The Black Eyed Peas, known for their massive hit songs such as “Where is the Love?”, “Boom Boom Pow”, and “I Gotta Feeling”, you might not think there is a low possibility of them having an annoying song. But this is wrong. Their song “My Humps” is a ridiculously annoying song with dreadful lyrics.

The beat of the song is annoying and one listen can make one feel exasperated. The lyrics are also stupid and keep referring to a woman’s breast and butt. It is sure to get stuck in your head for a long time and we recommend you not listen to it. Another thing is that the song goes on for about 5 minutes, therefore, listening to an annoying song for 5 minutes is too much for people with an ear for good music.

5. I Like to Move It – Alvin and the Chipmunks

The original “I Like to Move It” is a bop and gets our bodies to get up and dance joyously. The song was released in the year 1994 and ever since then, the song has gone through several coverings. The most memorable of the covers are the one in the Madagascar movie and the one of the chipmunks in the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.

The one of the Chipmunks movie is probably the most annoying version of this song. Hearing this great song from the squeaky voices of the chipmunks is something you want to avoid. It is extremely annoying and unbearable. The overall song is good and the beat is nice, but the voice of chipmunks is not something the world had asked for.

4. Friday – Rebecca Black

This song can make someone hate weekends. Normally, everyone is excited when Friday comes around, but this song just makes it worse. Rebecca Black, a YouTuber, released the “Friday” when she was 13 years old and gifted the world one of the most annoying songs. It is a hugely annoying song and when it was released most people despised it for several reasons.

The most annoying aspect of this song is the autotuned voice of Rebecca Black. The autotuned voice hits the ear in the worst possible way and repeats the word “Partyin’, partyin’” over and over, elevating the annoyance of the song. The lyrics are also not good and even the video is infuriating.

3. Let It Go – Idina Menzel

The song “Let It Go” is good and is one of the best soundtracks from Frozen movie. But this song became a victim of being overplayed and it became annoyed as time passed. The song was released in 2013 and it was played in about almost every household. It was a hit among the kids and the younger generation, but they played it so much that others became annoyed.

The song is so annoying that it gets stuck in your head. A person can end up singing this song even if they hate it. Therefore, even a good song can become annoying if it is played too much and this is a perfect example of it.

2. Baby Shark – Pinkfong

There is not a single person who doesn’t know this song. Baby Shark is the most viewed music video on YouTube with about 13 billion views and easily comes under the category of being one of the most annoying songs ever. The song is perfect for babies and kids, with its catchy and fun sounds. But ever since it came into the mainstream, it has been heard everywhere.

It has been overplayed so much that people other than babies and toddlers have found it to be quite annoying. Hearing the chant “Baby Shark Do Do Do Do” is sure to make a sane person go insane by getting annoyed. What’s worse is that it is sure to get stuck in your head.

1. Baby – Justin Bieber

The number one spot is held by Baby by Justin Bieber and you’ll find a lot of people who can easily get pissed off catching a glimpse of this song. This song was a hit when it was released but didn’t leave a good impression on most of the people. This song was a hit only for the teenage girls who were up for the cute and baby face of Justin Bieber and not the actual music.

The song boasts his baby voice, which does not sound good at all, and the repeating of the word “Baby” makes it endless. Therefore at the very first chorus, a listener begins to wish it to be over. The lyrics are average and the only thing that made it famous is the presence of Ludacris. It is absolutely annoying and even being overplayed contributes to it.


As we’ve taken this musical journey through the “Top 10 Most Annoying Songs in the World,” it’s clear that annoying music, while often lamented, holds a peculiar place in our hearts. These songs, with their relentless catchiness and grating qualities, have the power to unite us in shared exasperation. Despite the collective eye-rolls and cringes these songs may induce, they have left an indelible mark on pop culture.

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