Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners In The World

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The year 2017 had a lot of surprises for us, but there were few which captivated us more than the “Fidget Spinners”. Fidget Spinners originally became popular as a stress relief toy, which initially had a simple three-handed design but as time went on they spun their way into sophistication and luxury. Slowly there came fidget spinners that became a status symbol and the collectors couldn’t keep their hands off of it.

In this article, we present you the top 10 most expensive fidget spinners in the world. These fidget spinners are not like the usual ones and come as elegant spinners with finesse and opulence. These fidget spinners elevate this once-humble toy to a level of luxury that few could have imagined.

10. Weiheng 925 Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner – $459

 Weiheng 925 Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner

Ever imagined a fidget spinner spinning for about 6 minutes in just one go, this feat is easy for the Weiheng 925 Sterling Silver Fidget Spinner. This silver spinner was sold for $459 in 2017 and comes packed with sterling silver giving it a shiny finish.

The spinner’s whole body is made of 99.1 grams of 925 sterling silver which is probably why it has a hefty price. Also, the bearings of the spinner are made of silicon nitride allowing it to spin for a longer time with ease. But the amount of time it spins depends on the user as well.

9. TiSpin Prop G5 Titanium Propellor Spinner – $475

TiSpin Prop G5 Titanium Propellor Spinner

It is one of the coolest-looking spinners in this list which is an exact copy of a propellor. Made of titanium, the fidget spinner came with a price tag of $475. This spinner might be the first ever made using titanium and is made with such precision allowing it to spin for about 5 minutes.

What adds more to the value of this spinner is that there were only 25 of it made. Each of them came with a unique serial number and a certificate of authenticity. Also, the look of this spinner is classic yet fun and it suits youngsters and adults alike.

8. Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand – $525

Superconductor Stubby Spinner and Cigar Stand

If you wish to drive away your stress with two methods altogether, then this spinner is here for you. This fidget spinner comes as a cigar stand as well, perfect for ones who enjoy a small smoke while playing with a spinner. The spinner comes as a DIY kit and comes with a spinner, a spring, and a cigar box.

The look of the spinner is what catches most people’s interest as it has a distinguished and classic design. Also, it comes with a ceramic hybrid bearing making spinning it smoother than ever. The $525 price for this spinner might sound outrageous but it is something worthwhile.

7. The Pepyakka SNECX S Spinner – $580

The Pepyakka SNECX S Spinner

Ever wanted to play with a spinner that looks like a weapon from a sci-fi movie, then this spinner is the answer for you. The Pepyakka SNECX S Spinner was made in Russia in collaboration with the Custom Knife Factory. The spinner is extremely rare as it was only made with pre-orders and the way it spins is majestic and satisfying.

It spins extremely smoothly as it is made with the lowest center of gravity and has a double bearing. Also, the spinner originally cost $425 when it was made first, but now the production has stopped and the resale value of this fidget spinner is $580.

6. 9 Gear Fidget Spinner – $600

9 Gear Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners come in various kinds of designs and the way the 9-gear fidget spinner is made is jaw-dropping. This spinner is love at first sight for spinner-heads because of how cool it looks. The spinner is made with 9 steel gears and comprised of different metals. Each piece of gear is made of 1117 steel while the other parts are made of brass and stainless steel. The spinner weighs about 118 grams and it is probably because of the way it looks that it costs $600.

5. The Rotablade Stubby Spinner – $680

The Rotablade Stubby Spinner

Here comes another cigar stand spinner and this time it’s the Rotablade Stubby Spinner. Sometimes adults need to find a way to relieve stress as well and this spinner is perfect for them. The design of the spinner is appealing to the adults. The hands of the spinners have a honeycomb design and a big “R” logo at the center. This one too comes as a DIY kit and is perfect to rest your cigars. But to get this multipurpose spinner you need to spend $680.

4. iPhone 7 Fidget Spinner Mod – $700

iPhone 7 Fidget Spinner Mod

The iPhone 7 Fidget Spinner is not entirely made for stress relief as spinning a whole phone will give you more stress rather than removing it. This spinner was made by a YouTuber called Filip Koroy, who has an entire video of making it uploaded to his channel. The video shows the YouTuber drilling into the phone, adding ball bearings, and making it a spinner.

The spinner was made entirely out of fun or for clout. The only reason the fidget spinner is worth $700 is because it is mostly iPhone 7. Also, the iPhone was newly launched during the time the spinner was popular, therefore, this YouTuber took the chance and made the one-of-a-kind fidget spinner.

3. Bathgate Artifact Spinner – $700

Bathgate Artifact Spinner

This is a spinner with a weird yet elegant design, which was designed by sculptor Chris Bathgate, hence the name. The spinner was a collective effort of Bathgate, Mike Hogarty, and Callye Keen. The resultant fidget spinner was a work of art that was made especially for collectors rather than a toy for children, with a cost of $700.

The Bathgate Artifact Spinner is made with materials such as brass, stainless steel, and ceramics. It spins with such grace as it was designed by Bathgate with the aerospace industry in mind. The spinner has such a unique design that none other than Bathgate would’ve ever come up with this idea.

2. Steel Flame Ring Spin – $1500

Steel Flame Ring Spin

Who would’ve thought a spinner would even cost more than a thousand, well the Steel Flame Ring Spin has managed to do so. Designed and made by the hands of jeweler Derrick Obatake, this spinner is in a class by itself. Obatake took his luck in making the most fascinating fidget spinners when it was popular and now his spinners remain rare as the jeweler has stopped making spinners. Therefore, all of it now has become pricy and the Steel Flame Ring Spin was resold for $1500, a befitting price as it is a work of art. Also, the way the spinner spins is fascinating to look at.

1. Caviar Solid Gold Fidget Spinner – $16,855

The Caviar Gold Fidget Spinner combines luxury and finesse to the greatest extent. Made by the Russian Company Caviar, the spinner is entirely made of 18-carat gold. They made this fidget spinner with the idea of making the most expensive fidget spinner in the world and they became successful.

Along with the 3.53 ounces of solid gold, the three spokes are diamond-plated. Moreover, the logo at the center is hand engraved and has a ring made of 40 diamond chips. Therefore, there is no debate with its price of $16,855 making it the most expensive fidget spinner in the world.


As we bring our whirlwind tour of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners in the World” to a close, one thing is abundantly clear: fidget spinners have transcended their humble origins to become remarkable pieces of art and symbols of luxury.

These high-end spinners, often adorned with precious gemstones and crafted from rare materials, exemplify the boundless creativity and innovation within the world of collectibles. They have transformed an everyday item into an opulent masterpiece that captivates the imaginations of collectors, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs.

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