Top 10 Most Expensive Hoodies in the World

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Fashion has had a lot of turns since the beginning of time and right now comfort has become a whole spectrum of elegant fashion. Comfort wear was only considered a staple for staying warm and cozy but has now evolved into a high-end luxury item, redefining the boundaries of casual attire. Among all the comfort wear, the most popular one that each and every person owns is the “Hoodie”. Hoodies have been around for a long time and have gotten the attention of the world’s most luxurious brands.

In this article, we take you through the journey of the most expensive hoodies in the world. These aren’t your everyday pullovers; they are exquisite pieces of fashion that have been elevated to the echelons of opulence. Designed by renowned fashion houses and adorned with rare materials, these hoodies are a sign of the pinnacle fashion can reach in any aspect.

10. Studded Panel Zip Hoodie by Prada – $4,400 

Studded Panel Zip Hoodie by Prada – $4,400 

Prada is a popular luxury clothing brand that does not fail to provide the best fashion and creativity. Therefore, even a hoodie made by Prada fetches such a price tag which will leave most of us baffled. Moreover, the design of this hoodie is simple yet elegant with the studs it comes with.

The hoodie is studded in the shoulder areas giving it a unique look and a neat finish. Also, the hoodie is black in color which instantly makes it alluring. The material of the hoodie is cotton and is a perfect comfort wear. The price of this hoodie is $4,400 and this is obvious with Prada being the designer of the zip-up hoodie.

9. Camouflage Zip-Up Hoodie by Philipp Plein – $5,000

Camouflage Zip-Up Hoodie by Philipp Plein – $5,000

Philipp Plein is a designer who has his hands on almost everything. From furniture to clothes, the work of this German designer is sought after by everyone in the world. He might not be the pioneer of fashion but his works in clothing are to die for.

So, the Camouflage Zip Up Hoodie is something worth giving your attention to and it comes with a price tag of $5000.

The hoodie has a camouflage design with colors such as black and grey. The hoodie is made of cotton with glass fiber accents and has a shiny finish giving it an extravagance.

8. Dolce and Gabanna Signed “Sylvester Stallone” Hoodie – $5,760

 Dolce and Gabanna Signed “Sylvester Stallone” Hoodie - $5,760

It is a given thing for a Dolce and Gabanna Hoodie to be expensive. The Italian brand has been serving luxury since 1985 and this hoodie is no exception. What makes this hoodie stand out is the signature of “Sylvester Stallone”, who is a renowned actor from the movie “Rocky” and so on.

Now that the hoodie is crafted from the hands of the designers of Dolce and Gabanna, the sign of the legend Sylvester Stallone makes it almost priceless. But the hoodie was sold at an auction for $5,760 in 2021. Owning this one-of-a-kind hoodie might feel like a dream.

7. Louis Vuitton X Supreme Hoodie – $6000

Louis Vuitton X Supreme Hoodie - $6000

Sometimes a single luxury brand is not enough to make something mesmerizing and glamorous. This hoodie is an eye candy for fashion lovers as it is the collective effort of Louis Vuitton and Supreme. For people who love the red color, this hoodie is perfect for them. The whole hoodie is covered with the logo of Louis Vuitton and at the chest one can find the logo of Supreme.

Therefore, such a hoodie cannot be missed by people. But to get this hoodie, one must have their wallet packed with cash as this hoodie costs $6000, which might not be affordable for everyone. Although, once you get this hoodie, it will be worth the money.

6. Zegna Cotton Zip Hoodie – $6100

Zegna Cotton Zip Hoodie - $6100

If you see simple clothing but from a luxury brand, you can find the price to be exceptionally high even for simple clothing. Similarly, the Cotton Zip Hoodie by Zegna costs $6100, which looks to be extremely plain, and as if not much effort was given into the making of this hoodie.

For this hoodie appears as a regular jacket from a tracksuit that you can get anywhere around the local market. But the one behind this zip hoodie is Zegna. Zegna is an Italian luxury brand and it is probably their reputation and branding that makes this zipper hoodie extremely expensive.

5. Night Sequin Hoodie by Louis Vuitton – $6250

Night Sequin Hoodie by Louis Vuitton - $6250

Sequins might not be the taste of everyone when it comes to clothing, but when used properly they can outshine every other clothing in the room. Louis Vuitton has done a perfect job in making the Night Sequin Hoodie. The hoodie is almost entirely covered by black sequins giving it an alluring and elegant look.

The perfect shine of the sequins can provide any look with more enchantment. On top of the sequins, the inner lining of the hoodie is made with silk further driving up the value of this hoodie. One can also find the branding of Louis Vuitton on the inside of the hoodie. Therefore, a carefully made sequin hoodie by Louis Vuitton is befitting of a price of $6,250.

4. Chanel and Pharrell Limited Edition Hoodie – $12,000

Chanel and Pharrell Limited Edition Hoodie - $12,000

Pharrell Williams is a popular and talented designer and when he came together with the luxury brand Chanel, an extravagant creation was a given. The Limited Edition Yellow hoodie by Pharrell and Chanel has a bright sunflower color and is embedded in patterns of rhinestones.

The rhinestones form patterns of the number 5, a heart, and the logos of Chanel and Pharrell. The hoodie cost about $12,000 and it might sound outrageous but when a hoodie has been designed by Chanel and Pharrell himself is expected to have an expensive price tag. Chanel has been in the fashion industry for decades creating elegant and top-tier fashion, whereas Pharrell is just a gifted designer.

3. Monogram Mineral Mink-Fur Hoodie by Louis Vuitton – $25,300

Monogram Mineral Mink-Fur Hoodie by Louis Vuitton – $25,300

Here come the big numbers and of course it is a hoodie by Louis Vuitton. The hoodie is a sight to behold with its glistening look instantly being a favourite of many. The hoodie is made of mink fur which is an expensive material and provides such a great finish to clothing. The Monogram Mineral Mink-Fur Hoodie costs $25,300 and even features the logo of Louis Vuitton perfectly blended in the fur. So, this hoodie is an exceptional work of Louis Vuitton and so the price is expected to be so high.

2. Monogram Mink-Fur Hoodie by Louis Vuitton – $25,900

Monogram Mink-Fur Hoodie by Louis Vuitton - $25,900

Once again Louis Vuitton makes its appearance and once again it’s a hoodie made with mink fur. This one is $600 more expensive than the previous and it comes down to the design with this one. This Mink Fur hoodie by Louis Vuitton has a bright white color and designs which make it look jolly.

The white mink fur is splattered with designs of colorful logos of Louis Vuitton and gives it a distinctive look. The price tag of this hoodie is $25,900 which is a given as it is made of mink fur and is designed by Louis Vuitton.

1. First Edition NFT Powered Hoodie – $26,000

First Edition NFT Powered Hoodie - $26,000

Just $100 above the last one, the First Edition NFT Powered Hoodie stands as the most expensive hoodie with a price tag of $26,000. It was sold in 2021 and it was the first hoodie with the NFT concept to be released by Overpriced and since it’s the first edition, the price is unquestionable.

As NFTs were booming during 2021 every person was crazy for it. The price of NFTs became unimaginable and with the release of several NFT projects, NFTs got into fashion as well. Therefore, these hoodies released by Overpriced became an instant collectible and people were willing to pay any price for anything NFT-related.


As we bring our exploration of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Hoodies in the World” to a close, it’s clear that the hoodie has transcended its casual roots to become a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. These high-end hoodies are not just garments; they are a fusion of fashion, craftsmanship, and extravagance. While these hoodies may not be accessible to everyone, they stand as a testament to the creativity and innovation in the fashion industry.

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