Top 10 Most Expensive Toasters Ever Sold

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Every family uses a toaster as it is a quick and easy way to prepare breakfast. Nothing says a better good morning than a perfect toast with cheese or butter. But these simple toasters which usually cost around $60, have been developed with the evolution of technology, leading to some toasters being priced at hundreds and thousands of dollars.

While often overlooked in the culinary world, there exists a collection of toasters that defy the conventional and stand as testaments to the fusion of design, and innovation. If you’re unaware of the most expensive toasters in the world, we’ve backed you up. This article features the Top 10 most expensive toasters ever sold, and you’ll be surprised by the amount of money a simple appliance can fetch.

10. Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster – $380

Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster

The Revolution InstaGLO R270 Toaster is probably the most versatile in the market. It might cost you $380, but getting it is worth the money. It allows the user to select the kind of bread they want to toast as it has several options. With this toaster, you can toast bagels, waffles, English muffins, sliced bread, and toaster pastries. Moreover, it also has the option of choosing between frozen and fresh items.

It has a touchscreen panel that allows for the user to make various selections and there is a crumb tray that makes it easy to clean the leftover crumbs. Also, you can toast your bread the way you want it as it has the option of selecting the desired toasting level. There is even a bundle version that comes with it, but costs more than the toaster, with the bundle you will get a warming rack and panini press accessory.

So, with all these features, it is one of the best toasters you can buy and also one of the most expensive.

9. Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Toaster – $480

Wolf Gourmet 4-Slice Toaster

Wolf Gourmet is a well-known brand that makes excellent kitchen appliances and everything they make is top-notch and high quality. Their 4-Slice Toaster is a convenient toaster and comes with a cost of $480. The toaster has the classic toaster look with a stainless steel build and has one of the best heating systems. It has 4 openings and it is big enough for a large bread or a bagel.

Aside from an effective heating system, it has knobs that let you select the toasting level you want. It also has an extra button for further options which allows you to choose options such as bagel, frozen, and many more. One of the best things about this toaster is its durability which will make your mornings great for several years as it is made with commercial-grade materials. Lastly, the company offers a five-year warranty with the toaster.

8. Dualit Rose Gold Classic Toaster – $600

Dualit Rose Gold Classic Toaster

Dualit is a popular brand that manufactures some of the best breakfast kitchen appliances and their toasters are one of the best. Among the myriad of toasters, the Rose Gold Classic Toaster is the most expensive and the most convenient. It costs $600 and is a pretty and cute toaster.

It has a stainless steel build with the perfect shine and the Rose Gold color makes your kitchen stand out. You can toast about 4 bread slices at a time with it and of course, comes with an adjustable knob for toasting levels. Also, it allows you to choose the burner you want to turn on instead of turning on all 4 of them, making it highly energy efficient. Like other appliances of Dualit, the Rose Gold Toaster is a worth-the-money purchase.

7. SMEG 24K Gold-Plated Toaster – $788

SMEG 24K Gold-Plated Toaster

SMEG is a company that is behind most luxury kitchen appliances, and a toaster made by them is bound to be a luxurious one and an expensive one. They gave it their all in making the SMEG 24K Gold-Plated Toaster, taking toasting to a whole new level. The toaster has a shiny black body with 24K gold accents.

It works like a normal toaster and has two toast spaces. The knob and the brand initials of SMEG have a beautiful gold finish. This toaster looks classic and the inclusion of 24K gold accents is why it has a price tag of $788.

6. Volo Newspaper Toaster by Casa Bugatti – $960

Volo Newspaper Toaster by Casa Bugatti

Bugatti might sound familiar, but this is not a popular sports car. The Casa Bugatti is a brand known for making appliances such as bottles and toasters. The Volo Newspaper Toaster is a strangely designed toaster that everyone will find intriguing. The toaster has leather with an aged Italian newspaper finish, giving it a vintage look. The top also has a fry basket design and toasts your bread slices with utmost efficiency. But the toaster doesn’t come at a cheap price, it costs $960, so much for a vintage toaster.

5. Elton John’s Wedding Gift Toaster – $1,062

Elton John’s Wedding Gift Toaster

Sometimes, the value of something not only depends on the brand or the build but authenticity. Elton John’s Wedding Gift Toaster was sold at an auction for $1,062 in 2008 and there’s no questioning the value of it as it was owned by Elton John.

The toaster, even though it was a little damaged, sold for more than a thousand dollars because of Elton John. Elton John is a popular singer and musician, who has had a huge cultural impact on the world of music. So anything owned by him immediately becomes valuable. Moreover, this toaster was given to him as his wedding gift and has an inscribed letter congratulating Elton John on his wedding.

4. Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG Sicily Is My Love Toaster – $1,100

Dolce & Gabbana x SMEG Sicily Is My Love Toaster

When a luxury designer brand like Dolce and Gabbana collaborates with SMEG to make a toaster, it is sure to be a one-of-a-kind toaster. The Sicily is My Love Toaster is a stylish and unique toaster made to elevate the look of your kitchen. The toaster has two extended slots for toasting your bread with style. The toaster costs $1,100 but with the involvement of Dolce and Gabbana, it is evident.

The toaster has a knob for adjusting toasting levels and has a pull-down lever. The reason why the toaster costs more than a thousand bucks is because of its rarity. This toaster was a limited edition release and because of Dolce and Gabbana, people were after it and the price did not matter.

3. Dualit 24-Karat Gold Plated Classic Toaster – $1,600

Dualit 24-Karat Gold Plated Classic Toaster

Gold Plated appliances are always expensive and when it comes from a brand like Dualit it is a given. The Dualit 24-Karat Gold Plated Classic Toaster is a classic-looking, 4-slot toaster that has taken toasting to a whole new level. The toaster costs $1600 as it has real gold present on it.

The toaster comes packed with toasting level knobs and the lever, but the most captivating aspect is the gold plating. The toaster is made of stainless steel but has 24-karat gold panels on the sides. This makes the toaster look majestic and becomes the apple of the eye of anyone who enters your kitchen.

2. Noun Glass Toaster by Casa Bugatti – $2,000

Noun Glass Toaster by Casa Bugatti

The most futuristic and elegant-looking toaster one can ever buy is the Noun Glass Toaster by Casa Bugatti. This toaster is made of glass and is transparent allowing you to see your bread being toasted. This might sound like a cool experience but it will cost you $2000. Casa Bugatti are known for luxury kitchen appliances and this is their most expensive toaster.

The toaster has one wide slot for toasting and can fit from large bread slices to bagels. It toasts your bread efficiently as it has a bottom and side heating system, giving the perfect toast. Moreover, it has the option of selecting the temperature, helping you get the most precise toast ever. Also cleaning the toaster is easy as the glass panels are easily removable.

1. Marilyn Monroe’s Chrome Toastmaster Toaster – $2,560

Marilyn Monroe’s Chrome Toastmaster Toaster

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic star and actress, and one of the most beautiful women to ever live. Anything she owns easily fetches a high price, and several items she owns have been sold for thousands of dollars at auctions. Similarly, a toaster owned by Marilyn Monroe sold for $2,560 in an auction in 2016.

The Chrome Toastmaster Toaster is neither a luxury toaster nor has advanced features, but as it was once owned and used by Marilyn Monroe, the price of the toaster became unquestionable. Collectors swamped in upon hearing Marilyn Monroe owned it and there is even a dress owned by her that has the distinction of being one of the most expensive dresses.


As we wrap up our exploration of the “Top 10 Most Expensive Toasters Ever Sold,” it’s clear that these seemingly mundane kitchen appliances have taken on a new identity beyond their practical purpose. In the world of toasters, craftsmanship, innovation, and a touch of extravagance have elevated these everyday items to the pinnacle of culinary luxury. While these high-end toasters may not find a place in every kitchen, they symbolize the evolving relationship between utility and luxury in our daily lives.

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