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Top 20 NFT Blogs For NFT Enthusiasts

Top 20 NFT Blogs For NFT Enthusiasts

Majority of the NFT enthusiasts around the world want a blog or website that can provide a steady and reliable flow of the latest information. At the same time, it should have informative articles that answer all the basic queries a beginner might have. The following list of top NFT blogs was compiled with this in mind.

The best NFT sites and blogs are usually side ventures of a bigger NFT platform or marketplace. As a result, webmasters have invested in the writing and creation of these blogs. Because this content is what drives traffic to their marketplace. Therefore, these sites are enjoyable even for the NFT non-enthusiasts.

What Makes An NFT Blog Great?

The top NFT blogs prepare their posts keeping mainly two objectives in mind. Educating the people who are beginning in the NFT world. And in the same vein, keep the older players updated with the current news. Secondly, the use of appealing content to drive more traffic to their marketplace.

When you navigate through the list, you might notice that most of the best NFT blogs have a bustling marketplace too. Or, they might be a bigger and more well-known data source for all things crypto and blockchain. As a result, they are always careful about the information they provide on-site.

Most of the blogs cover a wide range of topics, such as the latest NFT news, the current trends, highlighting and interviewing promising artists, NFT virtual reality, and gaming applications.

Unlike other commercial blogs, most of these blogs don’t rely on ads for money. Instead, they are earning directly from the digital arts and merchandise they sell.

Top NFT Blogs And Websites For NFT Enthusiasts

The following top NFT sites for blogs have some things in common. All of them provide authentic information. Most of them have an active marketplace or are well-known as a platform for all things crypto. All the best NFT blogs host a wide range of topics. However, each one has a unique focus and outlook on trade and art.

1. Larvalabs (Crytpopunks)

Larvalabs Blog Writing

Larvalabs is one of the major and leading NFT websites in the world. They are the developers of the famous NFT collection Cryptopunks. These are currently the most expensive NFT collections in existence. All this makes it essential for any NFT enthusiast to follow their engaging blog section.

Whether you are an artist, a collector, or just someone who writes articles on NFTs, the crypto punks blog is something you should keep affiliated with. Because a fair share of the important events in the NFT world are happening on that very platform.

2. blog

NonFungible is regarded as one of the most authentic sources of NFT information on the web. The topics in’s blog range from criticism of art to the analysis of the NFT marketplace. If you are into trading, then this NFT website can be a reliable source to get your data.

Non-fungible articles can teach you another sci-fi prospect of the NFT world- the metaverse. Soon, people might stop owning properties in the real world and build all their assets as NFTs that will exist only in the metaverse, making the assets more secure and immune to decay. Well, you can learn more about this from their blogs.

3. OpenSea Blog

You can’t name the three best NFT sites without mentioning Open Sea. Besides being one of the top marketplaces for NFTs, their blog section is enriched with informative articles. If you want to get the latest announcements on NFT trades, then it is essential to follow this blog.

Another popularly discussed topic on Opensea’s blog is the security and safety issues regarding NFT assets. These articles can be helpful for the relatively newer NFT enthusiasts. And if you are yourself a trader on Opensea’s marketplace then the blog can be a great source to learn the business.

4. Mintable

Mintable is one of the top NFT websites for creators and artists. The platform makes it easy for you to mint your art as NFT and sell it. Minting an NFT means integrating your artwork with the blockchain. And this can be quite confusing for the new creator. In that case, Mintable is the platform for you.

The blog section on Mintable is enriched with discussion targeted at this specific aspect. You can learn useful information, news, tips, and tricks from their blog site.

5. NFT blog’s blog isn’t exclusively dedicated to NFT. Instead, it covers a much broader topic: Cryptocurrency. However, the NFT section of the website is very developed and enriched. And that makes it one of the top NFT blogs around.

The main website is already one of the most well-known sources for everything that has to do with blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs. And you cannot trade in NFTs without having sound knowledge of blockchain and its coins. So, this blog can be a very helpful read.

6. Coindesk NFT

As an authentic and reliable source of NFT information, Coindesk is at the same level as Crypto and NonFungible. Dot com. It is a trusted site for traders of cryptocurrency to acquire useful information.

Besides being a great data source, the website also flaunts a well-rounded blog. You can find all the NFT news ranging from marketplace trends to the prospects of gaming and virtual reality.

7. NFT Plazas

The NFT Plazas has a WordPress-powered blog centered on crypto art, collectibles, and the metaverse. It is also an excellent source to learn about the role of NFTs in gaming. Plus, you can get various authentic and recent NFT news from this website.

Anyone looking to make a future career out of buying and selling NFTs should follow this blog. The insightful writings will help you to detect the NFT arts with the most future potential.

8. NFTically

If you are looking for educational content, then NFTically is one of the best NFT blogs in that regard. Plus, the community is everything in the NFT marketplace. And if you are an artist who is looking to break into the NFT world, then you can surely use some like-minded friends. And you can find a huge number of them at NFTically.

This is a great blog for newbies because of the informative posts that start discussions from the very basics. On the other hand, experienced traders and artists can follow the website for information and its interactive community.

9. NFT Culture

The main reason for the immense and quite unimaginable success of NFTs is that they managed to become a culture very fast. Large numbers of free-minded creators, tech enthusiasts and artists looking for something new caught on to the trend, and that’s what drove the popularity and wide acceptance among the public.

The NFT cultural platform recognizes this phenomenon. And their posts are therefore geared more towards understanding the progression of this culture. You might also find something of interest in their merchandise section. Follow the blog to know about various artists and upcoming events.

10. Metaversal


Metaversal isn’t really for beginners. The posts and news are targeted towards professionals who visit the blog to collect trade-relevant information. You can find all kinds of guides and tips-n-tricks-styled articles on this blog.

You can sign up for a paid subscription to Metaversal. It can pay off if you are a regular player in the NFT marketplace.

11. Play to Earn

Nfts will be taking over the gaming world pretty soon. As a consequence, the way we play games will change forever. The Play to Earn blog focuses on this possibility of NFTs. Most of the articles cover the increasing trend of games using blockchain and relevant technologies.

If you are a gamer who’s trying to learn about the potential of NFTs in this sector, this blog is a must-read for you.

12. KnownOrigin Blog

KnownOrigin is another one of the best NFT blogs with a robust marketplace. Plus, there’s a lot of community interaction going on this platform. Thanks to the guest posts and featured drops.

If your interest in NFTs is purely for business purposes, then following their journal can be pretty helpful. Also, you can check their artist spotlights to get an idea of whose art holds more future potential. 

13. Enjin

Enjin is a good platform for beginners. It has a lot of informative blog posts that help you to understand both the technical and business aspects of the NFT world. The guides and insightful news articles can help you better navigate this new reality.

Anyone remotely interested in current affairs will find Enjin’s interesting blog posts very appealing. Therefore, Enjin is recommended for everyone, regardless of whether they are NFT enthusiasts or not.

14. Ether Cards

Ether cards mainly provide tools and services for NFT projects. Both businessmen and artists use these tools to make their work easier. At the same time, Ether cards provide an informative blog to better understand the use of their tools.

The blog from Ether Cards is excellent for someone trying to understand the NFT ecosystem. It can help you operate more smartly in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

15. Foundation App Blog

The Foundation is a bustling NFT marketplace. People can participate in the auctions through their easy-to-use mobile app. Alongside, they feature a helpful blog that is a good source of all the current NFT news.

The Foundation app blog mainly analyses the art and creative aspects of NFT. Plus they also introduce and interview artists and creators. These writings can teach you much about the creator’s outlook on the industry. Plus, learning about their strategies can help you find success with your projects.

16. The Art Newspaper

Despite its core connection with complex technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrency, NFT is still essentially a piece of art. Therefore, it is important to know how an exclusively art-oriented website evaluates NFTs. And that is why Art NewsPaper is a blog all NFT enthusiasts should follow.

The Art NewsPaper formerly used to be only about traditional painting and NFTs. But as the world was getting crazy about NFTs, the website picked up on the trend. Now there is a dedicated section to NFT and insightful discussions on their artistic value.

17. NFTsStreet Blog

This is a great blog for NFT enthusiasts at all levels. You can learn the basics of the trade as a beginner. Meanwhile, experienced players in the NFT arena can get valuable updates and info by following this blog.

Artists and creators can get tips on marketing their NFT projects. Plus, they can also learn about how to set prices, minting their artworks, and so on.

18. DappRadar Blog

This is one of the best NFT sites for gaming and metaverse. The website created helpful lists that rank different Dapps or decentralized apps. You can also get articles on Defi and the latest trends in the NFT world.

Newcomers to the NFT world looking to learn about the metaverse and NFT gaming can find the DappRadar Blog helpful.

19. AirNFTs blog

Like any of the top NFT blogs, Air NFT offers its visitors multiple features. You can visit their marketplace to buy or sell NFTs. Or you can read their rich blog section to prepare yourself first. You can get all the recent updates on the industry by just following this one blog.

The website has been created with the help of Webflow. AirNFts makes their buck from commissions earned in the buying and selling of NFTs on their platform. You can do this using Binance coins and tokens.

20. Coin Telegraph NFT Blog

The Coin Telegraph NFT Blog is one of those top NFT sites where you can get both your cryptocurrency and NFT news in one place. The news published on this site is up-to-date and focuses on the most recent trends.

The blog also provides insightful articles on various political issues revolving around blockchain and NFTs. The writing and editorial teams have done an excellent job with this website.


The top NFT blogs are an essential read for anyone trying to navigate through the NFT world. Beginner or old, these blogs have content for everyone. However, you might not be able to follow all of these at the same time.

And that’s not even necessary. Just find the one suited to your goals and check it out regularly.

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