Top 5 Most Expensive Lighter Brands In The World

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Every simple thing in the world has been introduced into luxury and opulence. Even a simple thing like a lighter has been transformed into luxury with a touch of craftsmanship by creative minds. While for some a simple cheap $1 lighter may work, some look for elegance and artistry that adds extravagance to a simple action as lighting a cigarette which elevates the smoking experience.

For those people, the luxury brands we have listed in this article are perfect. In this article, we dive deeper into the Top 5 Most Expensive Lighter Brands in the World. These differ from the simple plastic lighters you find lying around in any retail store. These lighters are crafted by renowned brands with a legacy of excellence, and they redefine the act of lighting and add a touch of opulence to a common ritual.

1. St Dupont Lighters

St Dupont Lighters logo

The world has several lighter brands, but none of them comes close to St Dupont Lighters. This is one of the most popular luxury brands in the world that manufactures several high-end goods. Among the various items, their lighters are one of the most popular and sought after by collectors and smokers alike. Their lighters will cost from $200 to about $1300 but the brand has made lighters that have fetched thousands of dollars.

Such as the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Champagne and Ligne 2 Lighter 1001 Nights Diamonds Limited Edition. The former cost $79,000 and the latter cost $30,000. What’s surprising is that there are several more which has a hefty price tag of thousands.

St Dupont lighters are worth all the money and they deserve the price tag that comes with it. The brand makes these lighters with the best of the best materials and of course luxury materials. A frequent material used is gold in the making of the lighters and every lighter is handcrafted with precision by proficient artisans. Also, most of the lighters released by St Dupont are time-limited, therefore, making every lighter rare and unique.

S.T. Dupont's Roulette-Themed Lighter

2. Alfred Dunhill

Alfred Dunhill logo

If you want lighters that have a vintage or graceful design, then the Alfred Dunhill lighters will leave you in awe. Alfred Dunhill is a luxury brand that manufactures luxury clothes and accessories, and lighters are a big part of the brand as they put a lot of effort into every lighter. A normal Alfred Dunhill lighter will cost you around $200 to $300, but the real essence lies in the lighters that are more on the expensive side.

The design of the lighters is aesthetic and creative. A perfect example is the aquarium lighters made by Dunhill. The brand released a series of lighters that had the design of an aquarium from 1950 to 1959, and each one was made and designed by Ben Shillingford. These aquarium lighters will easily cost you more than $10,000 as they are rare. Additionally, the other lighters made by Alfred Dunhill are equally beautiful, and getting to light a cigarette with them will be a one-of-a-kind experience.

Alfred Dunhill Aquarium lighters

3. Cartier

Cartier logo

Cartier is a renowned luxury brand and is mostly known for their jewelry and watches, but the brand has a whole section of lighters that are elegant and to die for. The brand is known for making luxury lighters, although they do not manufacture a high number of lighters. But the lighters are such beautiful works of art that collectors leave no chance to get their hands on them.

A Cartier lighter usually costs from $900 to about $1700. But this is nothing close to the most expensive Cartier lighter. The distinction goes to the Cartier Art Deco Gold and Sapphire Cigarette Lighter Set that was sold for $17,633 or 16,250 Swiss Francs in a Christie’s auction. Lighters made by Cartier looks glamorous yet it is made with the simplest of design. The materials used are of high quality and the build of the lighters is excellent.

4. Zippo

Zippo is the most popular lighter brand in the world and is responsible for several most expensive lighters in the world. Solely devoted to making the most reliable and classic lighters, zippo with its iconic designs has provided the world with the best and most durable lighters. Additionally, they also produce windproof lighters which become extremely convenient in a lot of situations.

The cost of Zippo lighters has a huge range and starts from $35 and can reach thousands depending upon the materials used and craftsmanship. Among the many lighters, the most expensive zippo is the one they made on their 75th anniversary. They made a special lighter commemorating the special day and the lighter cost $37,000. Zippo lighters are made to last and their build quality is extremely strong and sturdy, making the perfect lighter for a smoker.

5. Xikar

Xikar logo

If you are a fan of modern lighters, then Xikar lighters are the way to go. The brand creates butane lighters of the best quality and the designs of the lighters have a modern touch to them. The lighters burn with great intensity and the flames the lighters produce look like what a jet produces. Xikar lighters cost from $80 to $200, and these are the most expensive butane lighters in the market. Also, the warranty that comes with the lighters is impressive. Customers can send the lighter back to the company if there is any problem with it and the company will either repair it or send you a new one.


As we bring our journey through the “Top 5 Most Expensive Lighter Brands” to a close, it’s clear that in the world of fire-starting devices, there exists a fusion of art, craftsmanship, and luxury that transcends the simple act of lighting. These high-end lighters are more than practical tools; they are masterpieces of design and engineering. So, as we extinguish the flame on this exploration, let us remember that even in the smallest and simplest of objects, there exists a world of creativity and luxury waiting to be discovered.


What is the most expensive lighter brand?

Out of the multitudes of lighter brands, the most expensive one is the St Dupont Lighters. Every lighter they create becomes a collector’s item. Also, some of the lighters made by the brand easily come in the list of most expensive lighters in the world. This is because St Dupont builds lighters with expensive materials and every lighter they release is of limited edition.

What is the most expensive cigarette lighter?

As expected of the St Dupont, the most expensive cigarette lighter is manufactured by them. The most expensive cigarette lighter is the “Louise XIII Fleur de Parme Table Lighter” and everything about the lighter speaks royalty. The lighter was sold for $405,420 is made of gold and has multiple sapphires embedded in it.

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