Top 5 Restaurants Mentioned in “The Office” Fans Must Know About

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The Office is a beloved comedy series that has won the hearts of critics and other people. It is a comedic representation of a typical office and how the lives of several colleagues intertwine with a twist of drama and ridiculous moments. Among the several memorable aspects of the series, the restaurants that have been shown or introduced as the show progressed have made this series even more compelling to watch. From “Chili’s” to “Alfredo’s Pizza Café”, a lot of establishments have been a part of this show giving it charm and a touch of culinary.

In this article, we uncover the top 5 restaurants that have been mentioned in “The Office”. We provide you an opportunity to go through the hilarious moments and a chance to find out and experience these establishments.

1. Cooper’s Seafood House

Cooper's Seafood House

If you are a real fan of “The Office”, you will remember Cooper’s Seafood House. It is probably the most mentioned place in the series and there is even an episode filmed in the restaurant. In the episode “Business Ethics”, Michael takes Holly to lunch at Cooper’s Seafood House. It is also mentioned in numerous other episodes such as “The Merger”, “Launch Party”, “Branch Closing”, and many more.

Cooper’s Seafood House is a popular restaurant in Scranton and this restaurant even has “The Office” merchandise. Therefore, this place is worth visiting if you are a fan. The restaurant even serves excellent seafood and mixed with the merchandise, it gives you a one-of-a-kind experience.

2. Alfredo’s Pizza Café

Alfredo's Pizza Cafe

The Office introduces us to a myriad of restaurants and a frequently mentioned one is “Alfredo’s Pizza Café”. The best feature of this restaurant can be seen in the episode “Launch Party”. In the episode, Michael orders pizza for his co-workers, but accidentally orders Pizza from “Pizza by Alfredo”, which is a fictional place, rather than “Alfredo’s Pizza Café”. As “Alfredo’s Pizza Café” is the favorite of the co-workers getting one from the wrong place creates chaos and discussion among Michael and his employees. But in the end, Michael does order from the correct place.

Unlike “Pizza by Alfredo”, “Alfredo’s Pizza Café” is a real restaurant that you can find if you loiter around Scranton. The restaurant is a popular eatery in Scranton, and its presence in “The Office” has garnered even more attention. Aside from Pizza, the restaurant serves burgers, salad, pasta, and many more food items, therefore, it is a place worth visiting.

3. Poor Richard’s Pub

Poor Richard's Pub

You might be wondering, are there no bars or pubs in “The Office”? Well, Poor Richards Pub is a popular hang-out place for the employees and makes its appearance in several episodes. The most significant episode where it is mentioned is probably “Cocktails”, where Pam confesses to Roy that she kissed Jim.

The Poor Richard’s Pub is a real place in Scranton. You can visit the place to enjoy some drinks and there is even a bowling alley. Although the place is not too popular, as an Office fan, you can go there to feel the authenticity. 

4. Chili’s

Chili's Restaurant

The famous chain restaurant “Chili’s” is mentioned in “The Office”. Chili’s is mentioned in several episodes and Pam likes her drinks from the restaurant. Michael even mentions in an episode that Chili’s restaurant is near the office. But in reality, there is no Chili’s restaurant in Scranton.

5. Hooters

Hooter's restaurant

At last, we mention a restaurant that is not real and doesn’t exist, but only in the fictional world of Dunder Mifflin. Hooters is a fictional restaurant in the series and an episode where you can see Hooters is in “The Secret”. In this episode, Michael Scott takes Jim to lunch. It’s a shame that it doesn’t exist for real, it would’ve been fun to have lunch and especially “chicken”.


As we close the menu on our journey through the “Top 5 Restaurants Mentioned in The Office Series,” it’s evident that the show’s creators had a knack for blending humor and gastronomy. These dining spots, from the heartbreakingly mundane to the hilariously bizarre, added a unique flavor to the Dunder Mifflin universe. So, as you rewatch The Office or venture out to try their real-world counterparts, remember that the charm of these eateries lies not just in their menu offerings but in the company you share them with.

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