Top 7 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards

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The world has become convenient since computers were invented and as they evolved into much more user-friendly devices it has become an absolute must in office and even in homes. Out of the different parts of a computer, the keyboard is probably the most used and everyone knows mechanical keyboards are the best as they are durable and add extravagance to the simple task of typing.

This simple equipment has been touched by artistic and creative hands and has birthed some of the most unique and expensive mechanical keyboards. In this article, we dive into the expensive world of mechanical keyboards as we unveil the “Top 7 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards”. These are not your ordinary input devices; they are masterpieces of engineering, adorned with rare materials, and designed by visionaries in the industry.

7. The Sojourner Keyboard – $899

The Sojourner Keyboard - $899

If you’re one of those who loves Victorian-era aesthetics, this keyboard is the one for you. This keyboard is sure to complete your setup as the Sojourner Keyboard looks like a keyboard from medieval times. The Sojourner Keyboard might cost you $899, but if it completes your theme, the peace that comes with it is priceless.

The keyboard features circular keys and the letters are written in calligraphy which gives the keyboard a captivating look. The keyboard on the first look will remind of the typewriters that existed in past years. Also, the keyboard is made of brass and has a finish of aged leather, and the most important aspect is that there is no other keyboard like this. Typing with this keyboard provides you with an experience that is rare these days.

6. Custom Keyboard by tinymakesthings – $1000

Tinymakesthings is a renowned and professional keyboard designer. She also has a YouTube channel and her designs for keyboards and keycaps for mechanical keyboards fetches high price in the market. Among the multitudes of keyboards designed by her, the most expensive is the Custom Keyboard she made for Sara Dietschy which was sold for $1000.

There is even a video where the whole process of making the keyboard is shown. The keyboard is made with high-quality materials and it costs around $985 for it to be made. Moreover, the keyboard has RGB backlighting and Tactile Holy Panda Switches, plus it comes with a desk mat.

5. The Seafarer Keyboard – $1,299

The Seafarer Keyboard - $1,299

The Seafarer Keyboard is like something from a pirate’s treasure and this keyboard is made by the same team behind the Sojourner keyboard. The keyboard will be a favorite of the ones that admire the pirates and the seas. The most fascinating aspect of the keyboard is the face plate which consists of a design of a map.

Another captivating design is the brass at the borders which are designed to look like aged wood. Also, the keys are extremely smooth while typing and have an aesthetic look as well. You can get this pirate-themed keyboard for $1,299 and it might look like a big price, but the amount of work that went into the making of the keyboard is evident.

4. The Smorgasboard – $3,350

The Smorgasboard might be the most unique and the cutest as well. This was made by tinymakesthings and probably the priciest among all the keyboards made by her. The keyboard is flooded with miniature food structures such as a burger, avocadoes, and many more. Each key is a food item, like the letter B is a Burger and similar to it other keys are themed with food item keycaps.

Therefore, a plethora of cute and beautiful keycaps look gorgeous, and typing with them becomes a different sensation. But you can imagine the hard work that went into the making of this keyboard and every key cost between $50 to $100. So with the expensive keys and the hard work, the total cost of the keyboard went up to $3,350. But this keyboard being a part of your setup makes it instantly interesting.

3. Tfue’s Custom Keyboard – $3,500

Tfue’s Custom Keyboard

A popular category of keyboards is gaming keyboards and the better the keyboard the better the gaming experience. But Tfue, a Fortnite Twitch streamer took the standards really high when he ordered for himself a $3,500 gaming keyboard. The keyboard was hand-made by Tae Ha Kim, who is also a Twitch streamer, which made this rare and one-of-a-kind keyboard.

The keyboard is made of aluminum and stainless steel and is perfect for gaming as it is durable and made with high-quality materials. The cool thing about this keyboard is it comes with “gasket mounting” which are strips of poron foam that give an out-of-this-world typing sound and experience.

2. Happy Hacking Keyboard HG – $4,390

Do you know that people have mastered typing so much that they do not even need to look at the keyboard while typing? Whether it be muscle memory or just a talent, it is fascinating. The Happy Hacking Keyboard HG takes typing mastery to the next level as it is only for professional typists and doesn’t contain any letters, only blank keys.

The keyboard doesn’t have any letters and is perfect for those who do not need to look at the keyboard while typing. But the price might surprise you as it costs $4,390. But the keyboard is a limited edition and is imported from Japan, moreover, it contains Wajima lacquer keycaps, making it unique and different.

1. ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard – $10,000

ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard

At number one is a gold-covered keyboard which costs $10,000 and there exists only 6 of them made. The ADATA Golden Summoner Keyboard is the same as the XPG Summoner Keyboard, the only difference is that it is covered in 24-karat gold. This is one of the best gaming keyboards on the market and with the presence of gold, it just makes the experience of gaming out of this world. Every key and face plate of the keyboard is covered in 24-karat gold and the $10,000 price tag is not questionable at all.


As we conclude our journey through the “Top 7 Most Expensive Mechanical Keyboards in the World,” it’s evident that the world of typing has undergone a remarkable transformation. These high-end mechanical keyboards are not merely tools for input; they represent a fusion of innovation, design, and luxury that transcends the mundane. While these mechanical keyboards may not be accessible to all, they serve as a reminder of the boundless possibilities of creativity and craftsmanship. They take something as routine as typing and elevate it to an experience that’s both elegant and exceptional.

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