Vox Collectibles | 8888 Unique 721 Collection With Epic Utility

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vox collectibles nft

The NFT space is getting more and more vast these days. Every instance is seeing the addition of unique NFTs that live on the Ethereum blockchain. These NFT projects are here with various plans whether it be to fund towards charities or a play to earn the game. One such project that is filled with adorable NFTs that is heading towards a gaming platform is Vox Collectibles. It comes with various awesome utilities and has garnered huge popularity.

What is a Vox?

Vox is a unique avatar that is generated with the assimilation of various traits. There are over 8888 distinct collectibles that come with awesome utilities. Every Vox is programmatically generated and is unique in its way and different from each other. VOX exists as a collectible ERC-721 NFT. This collectible is produced by GALA LABS. The first drop of this NFT collectible is namely The Town Star inaugural series and the Mirandus VOX series is the second.

The second series of the VOX collectibles has been inspired by Mirandus their MMORPG. There are over 8888 characters in the series. The VOX enthusiasts can expect more adorable collectibles like elves, dwarves, orcs, and surprise fantasy creatures. Each VOX differs from one another as they are made with random traits.


With the already adorable collectibles, they are backed up by astounding utilities. So, the holders can do more than just staring at their collectibles and animate.

Upon purchasing a VOX collectible the holders will also gain access to the FBX file. With this, your VOX can be imported to game engines like Unity and 3D model viewing programs. From this, you can animate your VOX, 3D print it, and many more.

The holders of the collectibles can pair their VOX with the matching Exemplar which will grant the holders access to a special bonus in the game.

The holders of Mirandus Vox can earn TOWN daily with their VOX by completing challenges in Town Star.

Shortly the holders of VOX collectibles can play their avatar in the Metaverse and earn VOCcoins along with it.

What are VOXcoins?

This is the exclusive currency or coin which will be produced by VOX. The VOXcoin is also applicable across the GALA Games Metaverse. The holders of VOXcoin have various utilities in the metaverse. The VOXcoin can also be exchanged for other coins and currencies.

Traits and Rarity

As mentioned earlier every VOX exists as an ERC-721 NFT. Every Vox is compiled with different traits that separate them from each other and no two VOX is the same. They are classified and made with different traits. Data if VOX is also compared to make sure that each one differs from the other. There are VOX that is rarer when compared to their counterparts.

Several traits form VOX collectibles. They are separated into classes and then come to the traits. The traits include Body-color, Boot color, Facial hair, Held items, Hair Style, Hair color, and many more. This collection offers a wide variety of traits and characteristics that makes one unique from one another.

How to buy a VOX collectible?

Enthusiasts can buy their desired VOX from the primary sales through the Gala Games store. For this, a Gala Games account is required and it is free to open one. An Ethereum compatible wallet will be attached to your account. The platform for transactions in Ethereum and it is with it that you will have to purchase and pay the network fees or the gas fees. The VOX purchase price is 0.888 ETH.


Gala Labs produced the VOX collection. They are a group of creative technologists from around the world. They fancy exploring, stretching, and bringing ideas and making them happen that adds more to the ecosystem built by Gala Labs. Their plans and ideas are heading towards a decentralized future. They are constantly digging up creative ways from which they choose to use blockchain technology to bring more thrill to the Gala Games community.

VOX Collectibles is a cool and unique nft collection. It is packed with utilities and GALA LABS has promised that there are more to come. They have chosen not to reveal it right now and have kept their holders in suspense. But it seems though that the wait will be worth it. A game will be launched where you can earn VOXcoin. There are a lot more unique and epic things in the line to expect. They have a Discord server where you can join to get updated with the upcoming events.