What is the Art Blocks Curated NFT Project? 

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NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens is such a space that is something brand new and has boomed incomparably. The inclusivity of uniqueness and un-substitutable nature has opened up a new level of platform for creativity.

Above every other form of creativity, the most relevant one has become “art”. The functionality that art in form of NFTs cannot be mimicked or replication cannot be done encloses so much value towards a single piece of NFT art. Investors are pouring in towards the idea of a coalition of art with crypto which was made possible by NFTs.

Manifold investors are moving on forward with that incentive getting their hands on the compulsive, awe-inspiring, and rarest of the rarest art NFTs. Delivering art that lives up to the expectation of every enthusiast is the Art Block NFT project which comes with a multitude of professionally curated projects. A belvedere where the ideas of creativity and curators come together.  

What lingers in Art Blocks?  

Ahead of entering upon the Art Block Curated NFT project let’s get on to what Art Blocks is and get to know more about it.  

Art Blocks is a platform giving emphasis to programmable on-demand generative content keeping the level of originality and authenticity to the highest. These all are stored immutably on the Ethereum blockchain. The ones sharing the same obsession with art can choose a style to their liking, pay for the work, and after that just wait and watch.

A piece of art bearing the theme of the chosen style will be randomly generated by an algorithm and then transferred to the Ethereum account of the enthusiast. The end result of the process can either be a 3D model, a static image, or an interactive experience. The output that is generated is distinct and the number of contents that can be generated in the platform has no boundaries.  

The Art Blocks project consists of projects in three different classes: Curated, Playground, and Factory.  

The project was launched in the month of November 2020. This magnificent project was the result of the creativity of Erick Caledron or popularly known as Snowfro. To gain the funds for the project he started selling his CryptoPunk Zombies.

Initially, the project released the indefinite and peculiar Chromie Squiggles that came in a set of 10,000 NFTs. All these were randomly generated and unique. The Chromie Squiggles became the insignia of the project.  

It was only a matter of time before the project caught the attention of people and people realized how creative and unique the project is. On the 23rd of August 2021, the Art Blocks project experienced a transaction of about $69 million!  

What is the Curated Art Blocks Project? 

The curated project involves a curation board and this board was established by Art Blocks. The curation board works its gears for the sole motive of selecting the projects with immense scrutinization to include them in the Curated Collection. This collection is the best collection that Art Blocks has to offer which comes as a result of careful selections before being released.  

All the art is submitted to the curation board whether it be from an individual artist or collaborative work. The submissions are then professionally examined and scrutinized by the curation board and then approved before they go live. The maximum number of full curated sets is the same as that of the edition size of the smallest drop of that set.  

The Curated Art Blocks Project is the perfect depiction of the motive of Art Blocks. The Curated Project with its curation board has the determination of creating a collection of works that flawlessly defines the vision of Art Blocks. The collections have a scheduled time in which they are released making it easier for the collectors to manageably fabricate an extraordinary set of generative work.  

How does the process of curation work?  

Let’s have an in-depth look at how does the curation board work. Unlike the processes involved in the generation and the viewing of the generative which is decentralized, the workings of the organization of the Art Blocks platform are not decentralized.

The team of Art Blocks selects the artists and creators to put forward their projects. The curation of the projects in the platform bears no need of any kind of explanation but if the content poses any level of offense to anyone that content will not be considered.  

Prior to the mainnet, every project needs to be deployed to the testnet. The projects will undergo an extensive test and then move on to the mainnet. The Art Block team will deploy every new project and if any kind of modification by the creator is followed. As soon as the project deems fit to go live the Art Blocks will lock it and set its status to “active” meaning it’s ready for purchases. 

Series of Art Blocks Curated Projects  

The Art Blocks Curated project comes in series that are segregated in terms of time or number of projects.  

Series 1: 

  • Chromie Squiggle by snowfro 
  • Genesis by DCA  
  • Construction Token by Jeff Davis  
  • Cryptoblots by Daïm Aggott-Hönsch  
  • Dynamic Slices by pxlq  
  • Elevated Deconstructions by luxpris  

Series 2: 

  • Singularity by Hideki Tsukamoto  
  • Ignition by ge1doot  
  • NimBuds by Bryan Brinkman  
  • HyperHash by Beervangeer  
  • Unigrids by Zeblocks 
  • Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak  
  • Spectron by Simon De Mai  
  • 27-Bit Digital by kai  
  • Archetype by Kjetil Golid  
  • 720 Minutes by Alexis André  
  • Apparitions by Aaron Penne  
  • Inspirals by Radix  
  • Aerial View by daLenz  

Series 3 

  • Synapses by Chaosconstruct  
  • Algobots by Stina Jones  
  • Elementals by Michael Connolly 
  • Subscapes by Matt DesLauriers  
  • Watercolor Dreams by NumbersInMotion 
  • Bubble Blobby by Jason Ting 
  • AlgoRhythms by Han x Nicolas Daniel 
  • Frammenti by Stefano Contiero  
  • The Blocks of Art by Shvembldr  
  • Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs  
  • Dreams by Joshua Bagley  
  • Century by Casey REAS 

Series 4 

  • Glitch Crystal Monsters by Alida Sun  
  • Endless Nameless by Rafaël Rozendaal  
  • Pigments by Darien Brito  
  • Scribbled Boundaries by William Tan  
  • phase by Loren Bednar  
  • Geometry Runners by Rich Lord  
  • Trossets by Anna Carreras  
  • Fragments of an Infinite Field by Monica Rizzolli  
  • Skulptuur by Piter Pasma  

Series 5 (Current) 

  • Edifice by Ben Kovach  
  • Asemica by Emily Edelman – Dima Ofman – Andrew Badr  
  • Autology by steganon  
  • Bent by ippsketch  
  • Gazers by Matt Kane  
  • Vortex by Jen Stark  
  • Jiometory No Compute – ジオメトリ ハ ケイサンサレマセン by Samsy  

Where to buy the Art Blocks Curated?  

You can buy the NFTs of Art Blocks Curated Project from OpenSea. This is a very good marketplace for NFTs and a very user-friendly one.  

To buy the NFT’s you’ll need a Crypto Wallet. Here’s a compete guide on how you can create your Crypto Wallet – How to set up a crypto wallet?

This guide is from Coinbase, additionally, you can also setup your Metamask account and create your Crypto Wallet there. It’s one of the better options here and Metamask is one of the best Crypto Wallet companies here in the Crypto Space.

Once your Crypto Wallet is set, you can add funds to your wallet. After, its all about choosing which Art Block NFT you want to purchase.

The Art Blocks Curated NFT has become an instant classic. It has the versatility of being a platform for several artists as well as for collectors. The artists can make their unique creativity known to the world and the collectors can get their hands on the best NFT artworks. The process that the artworks go through makes it more compelling. The Art Blocks Curated NFT has become one of the most prominent and significant NFT collections. The upsurge of popularity that it gained at such a short time shows how much-unrealized potential it has stored. The possibility that this will become the most influential platform of NFT art in the future is already very high.