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Why can’t we find or see Baby Pigeons?

why cant we see or find baby pigeons

Pigeons might be the most common bird in the world and we can see it flying around in most of the places of the world. But have you ever paused to wonder why, amidst the bustling cityscape, we rarely encounter baby pigeons? Adult pigeons are everywhere to be seen and the majority of the people love feeding them. Although baby pigeons are nowhere to be seen or found this might strike as peculiar to you.

Baby Pigeons are not masters of disguise or good in hiding, there is a whole different reason as to why one cannot see Baby Pigeons. In this article, we delve into the intriguing mystery behind the hidden lives of baby pigeons and unveil the reasons that shroud them in obscurity.

Why can’t we find or see Baby Pigeons?
A Pigeon Nest

Why don’t we see baby pigeons?

Normally, a Baby Pigeon cannot be seen most of the time. This is because Baby Pigeons stay in the nest till they reach maturity. It is only then the baby pigeons will leave their nest. Baby Pigeons stay in the nest for about 3 to 6 weeks and depend on their mother for food and comfort. Therefore they do not leave their next for a long time and only do so when they are fully grown.

Also, pigeons grow quickly and can reach their adult appearance pretty quickly. So, seeing a baby pigeon is extremely rare as they have almost reached adulthood when they leave their nest.

Why can’t we find or see Baby Pigeons?
Two baby pigeon or squab in a nest

Moreover, pigeons make their nest in places or locations where we cannot see them easily. They tend to build their nests on high elevations like rooftops, skyscrapers, bridges, etc. Therefore, we cannot see the nests as they are out of sight and it is one of the reasons why we cannot see baby pigeons.

What are baby pigeons called?

Well, you can’t see Baby Pigeons too often, but have you wondered what they are called? Similarly, how the babies of other animals or birds have names, baby pigeons have one too. Baby Pigeons are called Squab or Squeaker.

Where can I find baby pigeons?

If you really want to see a baby pigeon then your best chance to see one is on a nest. As pigeons build their nest usually on rooftops or anywhere high up. So be on the lookout for parent pigeons and see where they fly towards with their food. They might take food for their babies.

But Pigeons not only make their nest high up, they build their nests in places where others cannot reach. Therefore, they can be in a corner or someplace where it will be hard to reach.

Why cant we see or find baby pigeons?
A pigeon in a nest

Is it OK to pick up a baby pigeon?

If you happen to come across a baby pigeon, you might get the urge to pick it up and get a close look as it is a rare sight. You can pick up the baby pigeon and it’s alright to do so. However, be careful while holding and picking it up as they are delicate. Moreover, even if the parent is present in the nest you can pick it up as Pigeons are not aggressive.

When do Baby Pigeons start to fly?

Baby Pigeons stay in their nest longer than other kinds of birds. They remain in the nest until they reach maturity which is about 6 weeks long. Therefore, baby pigeons begin to fly after staying in the for about 6 weeks. Although they begin to move and flap their wings from about 1 month or 4 weeks of age.


In conclusion, we’ve unveiled a fascinating world of adaptation and survival strategies for baby pigeons. While their scarcity in our daily lives may persist, understanding the reasons behind it has given us a newfound appreciation for the resilience of these feathered inhabitants of our cities. We cannot see or find baby pigeons because they build their nest where we cannot reach them, and baby pigeons don’t leave their nest for nearly about 2 months.

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