Why do you get tired after long car rides?

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Everyone feels excited about car rides, especially when it’s long and the destination feels like a triumph. But the thought of getting tired after a long ride can make it regrettable sometimes. As you get on the ride, the miles pass, the majestic sceneries go along, and the exhaustion and the fatigue creep in slowly. It must’ve left you wondering why you feel this way and why you feel tired when you simply sit for the whole time.

In this article, we reveal the reasons behind the exhaustion and tiredness after a long car ride. Stick till the end while we take you through the reasons for the tiredness after a joyful ride.

Why do you get tired after long car rides?

An exhilarating long car ride can be a menace because of the exhaustion afterward. The tiredness that comes after a long car ride is called “Travel Fatigue” and you’re not the only one feeling this, everyone goes through it.

While riding in a car for too long, the car is bound to go through some movements such as a big turn, turbulence because of poor road conditions, acceleration and deceleration, and even the engine vibrates. Therefore, all this leads your body to sway and move around, leading you to adjust your position many times. All this keeps your body in constant movement even though you are just sitting in one place.

A man tired after driving for long hours

Moreover, your brain is also in constant work to keep your posture upright. The brain works by telling your muscles to adjust yourself to a comfortable position every time there’s movement. So, if this goes on for an extended period of time, let’s say for more than 2 hours, your body will become exhausted and hence the travel fatigue kicks in.

It is even worse when you are behind the wheel or driving. In addition to the constant adjustment of your body, your brain works to pay attention to the road and drive carefully. Therefore the drivers can feel even more exhausted after a car ride.

How long can travel fatigue last?

Travel fatigue can be exasperating to go through and one wishes that it goes away as soon as possible. Travel Fatigue caused by long car rides doesn’t last for long. But it depends upon the amount of time traveled. The longer you have travelled the longer the travel fatigue will last. Therefore, a whole day of travel can take about 8 to 10 hours to go away, and the best thing to do is to rest or sleep overnight. You will feel fresh after resting for some hours.

However, travel fatigue caused by flying on a plane is a whole different story. A long flight can make you extremely tired and might take a day or two to go away.

Resting after a long car ride

How do I recover from a long drive?

A long drive can prove to be exhausting and the faster the travel fatigue goes away the better for you. So, if you are going through travel fatigue then the best thing is to rest. Lie down and get some sleep if you can.

Stay hydrated while driving or riding in a car

You should also drink water and get hydrated. Eat healthy and nutritious food which can bring back your lost energy. It is also helpful to stay hydrated before a car ride or driving, so drink water before traveling. Also, it is best to fall asleep on a car ride. But if you can’t fall asleep then it is best to keep yourself busy. Listen to songs or read something and keep yourself busy.


In the course of our exploration, we’ve uncovered the reasons behind the fatigue that often accompanies long car rides. From the physical strain of adjusting your muscles to the swaying around as the car moves and vibrates can make our body feel extremely tired and contribute to that drowsy feeling that can descend upon us. Travel Fatigue is a stranger to no one and you need to stay hydrated and eat healthy after a car ride for it to go away asap.

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