World of Women and The Sandbox Collaboration

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world of women Sandbox collaboration

The World of Women NFT project comes along with the aims of inclusivity and empowering women in the Crypto and NFT space. Yam Karkai, the artist of World of Women, released the NFT collection on the 27th of July 2021. These NFTs come along with a moral cause backed up by a bunch of utilities. The project is taking on every possibility of expanding the inclusion of women into the world of NFTs. After almost a year after the release of their NFT collection, they are jumping on to the metaverse with a wholesome and hearty aim.

The project is partnering up with one of the most prominent metaverse platforms the Sandbox. Sandbox will easily come on the top lists of the decentralized virtual world as it has proved itself very capable. Day by day more people are knowing about the Sandbox. The World of Women with the collaboration is bringing out more ideas of including more people into this space.

What will the partnership bring about?

The World of Women project has partnered up with the Sandbox. The partnership aims towards getting on more scope on including women into the NFT space, crypto, and metaverse. The partnership will see the startup of the WOW Foundation. This foundation will receive $25million as a grant. All this amount is for promoting education about crypto, NFT, metaverse, Web3, and so on. The team has realized that NFTs and crypto is a confusing and broad terms for anyone who is just starting with it. With this partnership, the interested ones will receive guidance and mentorship on such topics. The ones thinking to start investing and to start creating NFTs will be given the necessary guidance and tips. The newcomers will receive a great deal of help. Along with this comes the inclusion of more and more people into the world of this new age and innovation. All the free courses and the guidance on such areas will pull in a multitude of people towards this new space.

The partnership will also support artists and projects to the full extent of their potential. They will be donating more towards charities and providing exposure to women-centric causes. The new enthusiasts trying to get onto this new space with several aims and objectives will get their guidance through a virtual academy. Meaning there will be online courses for it. The NFT creators and start-ups will be showered with counsel and suggestions. This will eventually make it a lot easier for the newcomers as they will be able to ease into this new scope with knowledge from the experts.

One of the first and most prominent NFT projects led by a woman collaborating with the Sandbox is a huge milestone in this time of NFT and crypto space. The fact that the partnership is offering courses dealing with these is the best outcome. As there are a huge number of people thinking of getting on this new space and are stuck as they are not being able to grasp its concept. This collaboration is carving a new path for them. This will benefit people almost all over the world.