World Of Women NFT | Featuring 10,000 Artworks of Diverse and Powerful Women.

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World Of Women NFT

World Of Women is an NFT collection of 10000 NFTs living in the Ethereum blockchain. They are unique, cool, and diverse Women NFTs that are here to make an impact on the world of NFT. They are ERC-721 tokens that are hosted on IPFS. The NFT collection was released on 27th July 2021 and became an overnight sensation as it sold out rapidly. Yam Karkai, the Founder and the Artist of this NFT collection fabricated this collection with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

The NFT project believes in representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. With these NFTs, the founder is bringing much more scope to NFTs in the patriarchal space. With the floor price of 3.97 Ethereum, the collection has over 4.8k owners.

Perks of Ownership

With owning World of Women NFTs there also come some cool perks.

Commercial Rights

The holders of World of Women NFT will also receive the commercial rights of their art. This extends the horizons of the NFTs and you can let out your creativity to do things with your NFT.


The team has also sent prints of NFTs to the holders so that they can embrace their art on their walls. They have sent about 100 signed frame prints to the NFT holders. With every 1000 primary sales the team picks 10 random owners and the lucky ones will get sent a print of their NFT.


The World of Women NFT can be saved by enthusiasts as it is an 800×800 PNG file. But if you own an NFT you will have the luxury of owning the 4000×4000 version. You can also print the art and use it as you wish.

The Fund

The NFT collection aims to develop and grow the NFT art space. They have observed that several talented artists are showing enthusiasm towards the project and the team will do their part without any hesitation.

The team will reinvest 15% of all the primary sales towards crypto art. They will support all the artists that show enthusiasm.


They are aiming on building a collection through the acquisition of 1/1 Crypto art pieces. They will also promote and showcase the artists of the collection.

Operating purchases requested by the Curator’s Club.

They will also take into consideration the proposals of the NFT holders.


Among all the World of Women NFTs there comes some which are rare and very rare. The properties that they are generated with are of a wide variety and they segregate the rarer ones. You can also check the rarity of the NFTs in rarity.tools.

There are over 10000 World of Women NFTs and there is a wide range of properties that they are generated with.

  • There are about 11 backgrounds like Soft Purple, Dark Purple, Red Turquoise, etc.
  • Skin Tones are of 14 varieties like Night Goddess, Burning Red, etc.
  • Clothes come in 27 types like Gala Dress, NFT Goddesses Top, Freedom is Power Tee, etc.
  • Hairstyles are of 25 kinds like Badass Bob, Double Buns, etc.
  • There are 23 Facial Features like Leader, Crystal Queen, Pearl Eyes, etc.
  • There are over 13 Face Accessories like On Fire, Resting Butterfly, Psychedelic Sunglasses, etc.
  • Pairs of Earrings come in 17 kinds like Yam’s Fave, White Ovals, Lighting Bolts, etc.
  • There are over 15 Necklaces like Art Lover, Golden Bib, etc.
  • Mouths are of 9 kinds like Bubblegum, Cigarette, Etc.
  • Lips colors come in 7 varieties like Space, Purple, Party Pink, etc.
  • There are over 28 varieties of eye combinations like Yellow Straight, Purple Eye Roll, Blue to the Left, etc.


  • At 10% sales with every 1000 sales 10 lucky holders will receive a signed print of their NFT.
  • When 20% sales hit there will be a donation of 2.5% of all primary sales to She’s the first.
  • 30% sales will see the launch of the World of Women Fund and the collection of crypto art will begin. 10% from all the primary sales will go towards the fund.
  • At 40% sales, there will be a 2.5% of all the primary sales towards Too Young to Wed.
  • Upon 50% sales, there will begin composing of the Original Piano Soundtrack for the NFT collection.
  • At 60% sales, 2.5% from all the sales will towards Strange Cintia.
  • When 70% sales hit the team will get into the Metaverse. They will purchase land in the Sandbox and then build a home for the collection.
  • At 80% sales, the team will add more 5% of all the sales to the Fund’s Wallet to invest more towards NFT artists.
  • At 90% sales, the team will buy 10 Eth worth of World of Women NFT from OpenSea for the Fund’s collection.

When the collection is sold out the perks will be activated and the attributes of the Club will be revealed.

The Causes they donate to

The World of Women has the motive of empowering women with all its might. Through their art, they are supporting women and promoting diversity. They are doing so by donating 2.5% of all their primary sales towards the following cause.

She’s the First

This cause funds and supports education and empowering women all across the world.

Too Young to Wed

This cause has the aim of abolishing the cruel practice of child marriage.

Strange Cintia

Strange Cintia is a member of their community and the team will donate to her to help her fight against her disease: severe ME/CFS.

Original Soundtrack

The World of Women NFT has extended towards music too, showing their support for all forms of arts. David Magyel composed and interpreted an Original Piano Album that is exclusively for the project. The album is available on Spotify.

The Team

The World of Women has a passionate and enthusiastic team. They are here to bring about a change in the status of women that has depleted in several parts of the world and generate awareness among the people about equality.

Yam Karkai is the founder and artist. She hand drew the NFTs using Procreate and Adobe Illustrator. Through her art, she is aiming to send out the message of uplifting women. Along with that she also aims to bring diversity and inclusivity to the NFTs.

Raphael Malavieille is the coordinator on the team and a co-founder. He believes that NFT is important in the world and that its application in the real world will bring out progressive consequences. Outside of the NFTs, he is the Chief of Staff of a tech company.

Toomaie is the co-founder and in charge of tech.

Boring Bored Ape is the co-founder and a generalist.

The World of Women NFT is a wholesome project. Aiming to uplift and empower women they are sure to bring a change in the view of the world. Along with that they wholeheartedly support many artists and have even entered music with their Piano Album. Their community is also very heartwarming and passionate. The community also believes in the empowerment of women and equality, they welcome anyone who wishes to join their community.